What will you learn?


Get to know why optimal ranges are more accurate markers than reference ranges. This is going to be an aha moment!

Discover what different blood parameters signify

Familiarize yourself with puzzling terms on blood reports. Get to know what different markers represent and how you can use the details to resolve health imbalances.

Identify the underlying risks for diseases

Being physically fit and active does not guarantee sound health. Many diseases have no outward symptoms and the only way to determine their presence or risks is through blood testing.

Take early action based on analysis

Analyzing blood reports not only inform you about the abnormalities but can also serve as a valuable guide to make diet & lifestyle changes to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Monitor your disease/treatment

If you are already diagnosed with disease/s, routine bloodwork is crucial for assessing whether the treatment is progressing well or alterations are needed.

Help your loved ones

Armed with the knowledge, you can support your elders or loved ones in their healing journey.

What is inside the session?

Blood is the data centre of the body. It can unveil diverse insights encompassing hormones, enzymes, nutrients, oxygen, antibodies, electrolytes and chemicals to assess your health status. Reading blood reports is a precious skill that can greatly help you for lifelong.



✔ Quick insights into Optimal Ranges

✔ Complete Blood Count (CBC)

✔ Basic Metabolic Panel

✔ Cholesterol & lipid panel

✔ Thyroid Panel

✔ C-Reactive Protein

✔ Cardiac biomarkers

✔ Liver Function

✔ Kidney Function

✔ Vitamins & Nutrients


mugdha pradhan

Founder & CEO, iThrive - Healing and Beyond

Mugdha Pradhan is internationally certified, one of India’s most sought-after functional nutritionists with 20+ years of experience in health, lifestyle and nutrition. She is the founder of iThrive, a platform based on functional nutrition, and has treated 100+ health conditions up till now helping clients improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being with natural methods.


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