83 %
Average Decrease in
Hirutism Levels
90 %
Achieved Balance in
Estrogen Levels
23.11 %
Average Decrease in
Insulin Level
75.36 %
Average Decrease in
Chronic Inflamation
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The iThrive Method: A Functional Nutrition Approach

The key differentiator in how Functional Nutrition and Conventional Medicine treat Thyroid.

Conventional Medicine on PCOS/PCOD

Conventional medicine does not reverse or heal polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). They use birth control pills and other drugs to manage the condition only and keep symptoms at bay. Not only do you need to continuously buy these medicines but it also leads to poor health and more issues in the long term.

Functional Nutrition on PCOS/PCOD

Functional medicine always uncovers the root cause of any chronic disease to permanently reverse the condition. We understand that PCOS is actually a metabolic disorder that can be reversed by treating the underlying metabolic dysfunction. We analyze advanced metabolic and other related blood markers for this and use diet and lifestyle therapy for treatment.

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Benefits of our ALIVE program

  • Regulation of menstrual cycle
  • Correct your hormonal imbalance
  • Getting rid of medications
  • Tried and trusted remedies for symptomatic relief
  • Stress management
  • Boosting mental and physiological health
  • Weight loss
  • Prevent any chronic conditions from occurring
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Treat the root cause

We identify the reason/s why you have PCOS/PCOD and focus on treating them. No band-aid approach; We believe in treating the root cause which results in the reversal of diseases.

Tailor-made treatment program

Every individual is unique and so should be your treatment. We curate personalised plans based on your lifestyle, genetic and psychological makeup, environmental exposures and individual needs.

Holistic healing

A successful healing process includes your entire body with acute focus on uprooting the disease. This is done through food, lifestyle changes and supplementation.

Research-based evidence-backed

Our R&D team uses comprehensive research to bring optimal solutions to problems. They help us design your treatment plan that is sure to deliver definite results.

Community Healing

Be part of a community with the same shared goal to reverse their PCOS. Share and receive recipes, tips and community encouragement. Peer support creates a sense of accountability and encourages you each step of the way.

Guided Personal Coaching

It is a one-on-one partnership between you and your assigned senior functional nutritionists and health coach. They are available to guide you throughout your program and offer real time responses.

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See what our clients have to say about us

Aarti Suryawanshi
Ex PCOS/PCOD Patient
I was facing PCOD issue for more than 5 years, which used to disturb my menstrual cycle a lot, which in turn caused other health issues. I came across iThrive via YouTube and decided to take their 3 month healing program. During the program iThrive team created my daily routine and diet protocol. Now after completing my 3 month program, my thyroid levels are good, Insulin levels are almost fixed & Energy level is much higher than before. Functional Nutrition is a very unique way to fix diseases with the help of proper diet & supplements.
Happy Client - iThrive ALIVE Program
Saumya Kejriwal
Ex PCOS/PCOD Patient
Eternally grateful to the iThrive team, for helping me achieve my health goals. Some of which, I did not even realise should have been on my priority list, anyway! The emotional and physical healing has been immense...although I have yet to shed all the kilos I gained during my pregnancy but my postpartum body has learnt to appreciate itself like never before. I feel more physically fit than I have ever been even at a lesser weight. Thank you for all the constant, much required hand-holding and putting me on to this lifelong journey of mental and physical transformation, which has only just begun.
Happy Client - iThrive ALIVE Program
Ananya Pendekanti
Ex PCOS/PCOD Patient
I was able to regulate my sleep cycle and achieve better sleep quality. I had irregular menstrual cycle, but after my program I had managed to change that to a regular menstrual cycle. Greatly reduced PCOS and IBS symptoms. And I was able to lose a surprising amount of weight.
Happy Client - iThrive ALIVE Program
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Our Nutrition Team

Mugdha Pradhan
CEO & Founder, Functional Nutrition
M.Sc, Food Science & Nutrition
Suyash Bhandari
Head of Supplements, Health Coach
M.Sc, Food Science & Nutrition
Saloni Kulkarni
Client Services Manager, Health Coach
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Shayonika Shaw
Functional Nutritionist
M.Sc, ND Public Health Nutrition
Shagun Arya
Functional Nutritionist, Health Coach
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Maneesha Rana
Functional Nutritionist
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Pakhi Gupta
Functional Nutritionist
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my other symptomatic dysfunctions like weight gain, skin issues, chronic pain etc. also be cured?

Treating your root causes helps in healing other dysfunctions that may have occurred as a by-product to your existing deficiencies, toxicity or more. This is done by taking your blood reports and analyzing them against our optimum ranges.

2. Can PCOS/PCOD be cured?

PCOS can be reversed through suitable lifestyle changes, supplementation and food therapy. But it cannot be cured. PCOS is like a cold, if you do not take care it can reoccur.

3. How is iThrive ALIVE different from other diets?

First and most importantly, iThrive ALIVE is a 12 week program that uses food therapy, supplementation, lifestyle changes and more to treat a person and is not a DIET. Each protocol is customized as per your body’s requirements and your lifestyle.

4. Does iThrive ALIVE work only for all types of thyroid?

iThrive ALIVE is a holistic program that uses your blood report to identify the root cause of your health dysfunction. This helps us treat any chronic diseases you might be suffering from. We help you heal almost every lifestyle disease; from your acidity to your heart disease.

5. What if I am unable to follow the protocols given on a daily basis?

Along with the protocols you will be given a replacement sheet which will make it easier for you to make changes to your current habits without altering them completely. Also, during the program, we will teach you how to stay within your protocols in difficult situations.

6. Is it possible to get off medications?

Yes, it is very much possible to get off medications if adherence to the given protocols is followed. For PCOS, medications can adversely affect you and might even aggravate your symptoms. Especially after you stop taking them.

7. Can PCOS/PCOD be cured through food alone?

PCOS/PCOD is a condition that is a result of your lifestyle choices. That is why it is called a lifestyle disease. Making changes in your lifestyle and food habits you can reverse your PCOS/PCOD and other lifestyle disorders. 80% of the healing is done just by eating right.

8. Will I have to give up on my favorite foods?

When we say the program is personalized we mean it is customized as per your dietary requirements as well as your dietary choices. There isn’t a single ingredient that can not be substituted for a healthy and equally satisfying one.

9. What happens after the program ends?

At the end of the program, you are asked to get your blood work analyzed again to see the progress you have made and will be given a maintenance protocol and an updated list of supplements based on it. This will help you stay healthy even after the completion of the program. In case you feel the need for the continued support we have different protocols in place, like one month protocol and maintenance protocol, which will make it easier for you to get in touch with us anytime.