Health, Inc.

Health Inc. shares the stories of  Mugdha Pradhan's ten clients who experienced life-changing health transformations through the power of functional nutrition after having suffered for years.

“This book is not only a story of the culmination of my own work until 2021, what excites me more are the stories of the people who took their health in their own hands and transformed inside out.  I am glad that I have contributed in the field of health and been a minor catalyst for people choosing to not compromise with their lives. It gives me utter pleasure to have played a small role in their journey towards holistic health.”
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Reviews from readers...

Finished the book,
My faith in Functional Nutrition has increased many folds by reading those Life transforming stories. Feeling like no disease can harm me as long as I'm connected to I-Thrive.

Mangla Bhawani

Just finished reading Health, Inc... nice read. Very well written. Take aways:  Being open minded to learn, unlearn and explore. Team work. Consistent follow up Persistently consistent belief to make diseases disappear.


"Health, Inc." is an engaging and informative read that sheds light on the entire healthcare system and how with functional medicine one can heal. It is recommended for anyone who wants to better understand the forces shaping our healthcare system and the potential for change.

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