Hear from over 90  of our clients who significantly reduced or completely eliminated their blood pressure medications
All through simple nutrition and lifestyle modifications, a few supplements, and herbs. And round-the-clock support from a nutritionist and health coach to hand-hold you through the entire process.
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How do we do it?
Functional Nutrition uses advanced testing and root-cause analysis to reverse hard-to-treat chronic health conditions permanently through nutrition and lifestyle therapy. We use advanced tests not covered in your standard labs such as advanced blood tests with more rigorous evaluation ranges, genetic testing, organic acids tests, DNA-based stool tests and more.

Once your root causes and other health issues and imbalances are identified, we work with you fix all of it through nutrition and lifestyle therapy.
Hear from our Clients

“In these 3 months I was gradually reducing my dosage of blood pressure and cholesterol medications. And now I’ve completetly given them up. I’ve lost 6 kgs and feel much lighter.”

“I have stopped my BP medications completely since a month. I feel much more energetic and healthy overall.. The nutritionists’ approach toward the patient is very good and the diet changes recommended are very sustainable..”

"My BP went below 140/90 for the first time in over 10 years. I have reduced 8-9 kgs and reduced my belly in inches from 40 to 36.5 in"

Also you don't need to limit your salt intake
Put that old myth to rest. It’s only a small section of “salt-sensitive” people who experience a notable rise in blood pressure on increasing salt intake. And this can be reversed.
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How it works?
90-Day ALIVE Program
Join our 90-day ALIVE program where we help you achieve a complete health transformation using the strategies you read about above. A complete transformation program is important because our treatment involves diet and lifestyle modifications which can’t be achieved just through a few consultations.
Alternatively, you can just opt for our Root-cause-analysis service first, where we run a full blood panel and perform a baseline functional nutrition health evaluation, identifying  potential root causes and health imbalances. Based on these we recommmend further treatment options and advanced tests you may require.
What makes our ALIVE program so successful? Key Points:

Treat the root cause

We identify the reason/s why you have Diabetes and focus on treating them. No band-aid approach; We believe in treating the root cause which results in the reversal of diseases.

Tailor-made treatment program

Every individual is unique and so should be your treatment. We curate personalised plans based on your lifestyle, genetic and psychological makeup, environmental exposures and individual needs.

Holistic healing

A successful healing process includes your entire body with acute focus on uprooting the disease. This is done through food, lifestyle changes and supplementation.

Research-based evidence-backed

Our R&D team uses comprehensive research to bring optimal solutions to problems. They help us design your treatment plan that is sure to deliver definite results.

Community Healing

Be part of a community with the same shared goal to reverse their Diabetes. Share and receive recipes, tips and community encouragement. Peer support creates a sense of accountability and encourages you each step of the way.

Guided Personal Coaching

It is a one-on-one partnership between you and your assigned senior functional nutritionists and health coach. They are available to guide you throughout your program and offer real time responses.

Who are we?
iThrive is a health and wellness startup that focuses on reversing chronic health conditions and lifestyle diseases permanently through Functional Nutrition using advanced testing and root cause analysis. It was founded by Functional Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan in 2019 and is backed by an extensive R&D team and a team of highly qualified functional nutritionists that has helped over 2000 clients reverse over 158 different chronic health conditions through their expertise, science-backed functional nutrition coaching, and real-time response. iThrive is centered on the concept of food as a tool for disease treatment.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does your practice have any kind of certification?

Our protocols and practice are based on the principles of functional medicine. Mugdha Pradhan, our founder, is certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine or IFM in the USA, which is considered the foremost organization for functional medicine globally. Mugdha started her practice healing people one-on-one all by herself. Today iThrive has a team of over 10 highly qualified functional nutritionists. We also offer functional nutrition training courses that are certified by IFM as well.

Beyond formal certifications, the most important certification of our quality, we think, is the hundreds of testimonials from our clients all over the world. We have successfully helped over 2000 people reverse over 158 different chronic health conditions.

We also have an extensive R&D team that stays up-to-date on the latest medical research and updates our treatment protocols and course curriculum every single week. 

What if I am unable to follow the protocols given on a daily basis?

Along with the protocols, you will be given a tailor-made program that will be based on your likes and dislikes, which will make it easier for you to make changes to your current habits without altering them completely. Also, during the program, we will teach you how to stay within your protocols in difficult situations through games and interesting challenges. Your designated nutritionist and health coach will be there at all times to address all queries.

Is supplementation compulsory?

Yes, almost all clients require some level of supplementation, either to fix their health issues or optimize their health to the maximum. Supplements are very different from pharmaceutical drugs. They are natural substances that help your body bridge the gap left in your body’s nutritional requirements that are not covered by the food you eat. The foods we grow today have a depleted amount of nutrients, making it necessary for us to cover these nutritional deficiencies through safe filler-free supplements. Apart from that we also utilize many plant medicines that serve different purposes like killing infections or optimizing certain hormones.

I have some other health issues like digestive issues, skin issues, excess fat, low energy, etc. Will these issues be fixed or improved as well through your program?

Absolutely. As we mentioned, our treatment is highly holistic. We uncover the client’s root causes and a complete list of their health issues and imbalances. Our treatment then addresses all of them. The result, in most cases, is that there is not only a drastic reduction in the primary health condition the client is looking to address, but in all other aspects of health too. Weight loss and improved energy levels are the most common side effects.

What happens after the program ends?

At the end of the program, you are asked to get your blood work analysed again to see the progress you have made and will be given a maintenance protocol and an updated list of supplements based on it. This will help you stay healthy even after the completion of the program. In case you feel the need for continued support, we have different post-program plans in place, like a one-month protocol and maintenance protocol, which will make it easier for you to get in touch with us anytime.

Can I get an EMI or discount on the payment?

We have multiple options to help out clients with financial limitations. Please get in touch with our sales team for details.

Why is the program so expensive?

Our treatment protocols, which are based on functional medicine principles, have been developed after intensive research of the complete medical literature. We not only assess data from global medical journals and protocols and courses from leading functional medicine practitioners globally but also take into account the local context- this includes researching foods and products available in India and their toxin levels etc. Clinical trends specific to the Indian population and the Indian gene pool. We have an extensive R&D team that updates our treatment protocol and course curriculum every week.
All of our nutritionists and health coaches hold a Masters's degree in nutrition and have also completed our functional nutrition certification course.