The Most Trusted Name in Functional Nutrition
Mugdha Pradhan founded iThrive, now India's foremost functional nutrition platform all by herself in 2019, after having healed herself and a handful of others using her acquired knowledge of functional nutrition.
Today, she and her team have successfully helped over 2000 clients reverse their chronic health conditions. Mugdha is regularly featured in multiple media outlets and speaker forums to share her knowledge and expertise.
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Who is Mugdha Pradhan?
I am a leader, healer, and personal growth junkie. I founded iThrive - Healing and Beyond (previously Thrive FNC) in 2019 with a vision of creating healthier, happier, disease-free communities across the world every single day.

iThrive has grown tremendously since its inception. We have launched multiple platforms- iThrive Academy, iThrive Essentials and iThrive Evolve to achieve our vision.
iThrive Academy educates hundreds of people about Functional Nutrition so they can heal hundreds more.
iThrive essentials develops the cleanest supplements and nutraceuticals of quality at par with top international brands but at an affordable price for Indian consumers.
But life wasn't always blooming for me. Four years before the inception of iThrive, I was riddled with multiple health conditions. I was overweight, suffered from eczema and mood swings and was depressed. One day I experienced a major awakening and decided to put my Master’s degree in Nutrition to use by healing myself.Determined to heal myself, I came across Functional Nutrition. After a deep, comprehensive study, I successfully healed myself. It was an arduous journey. Seeing how difficult it is to heal, I resolved to help others heal correctly through food and lifestyle changes. I founded iThrive and have since helped countless people get off their medications and heal holistically.

Blogs and Articles
Read more about Functional Nutrition, how it works and how can you apply it in your life.
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Hear From Our Clients..
Thank you very much team iThrive for all the guidance and support through these 3 months. I've lost 5kgs in total (56.2kg to 51kg) and average 3 inches on the waist, navel, and lower abdomen. Even though weight loss was not my only target, it was the biggest challenge in my situation, and I was struggling with it for quite some time. And even though I have 5.5yrs of medical education and 5yrs of practice experience, it's difficult to do things when it comes to your own health. We women especially never make ourselves a priority. I learned to make myself a priority in the past 3 months.
Madhura Pade
Eternally grateful to the iThrive team, for helping me achieve my health goals. Some of which, I did not even realise should have been on my priority list, anyway! The emotional and physical healing has been immense...although I have yet to shed all the kilos I gained during my pregnancy but my postpartum body has learnt to appreciate itself like never before. I feel more physically fit than I have ever been even at a lesser weight. Thank you for all the constant, much required hand-holding and putting me on to this lifelong journey of mental and physical transformation, which has only just begun.
Saumya Kejriwal
Best Platform
I was facing PCOD issue for more than 5 years, which used to disturb my menstrual cycle a lot, which in turn caused other health issues. I came across iThrive via YouTube and decided to take their 3 month healing program. During the program iThrive team created my daily routine and diet protocol. Now after completing my 3 month program, my thyroid levels are good, Insulin levels are almost fixed & Energy level is much higher than before. Functional Nutrition is a very unique way to fix diseases with the help of proper diet & supplements.
Aarti Suryavanshi
My Team
I work with a team of 40+ dedicated men and women that are obsessed with building new solutions for human consciousness. We operate as one tight unit with a big mission.
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