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Mugdha Pradhan

Healer, Functional Nutrition Practitioner
Founder & CEO, iThrive

My Story

I am a leader, healer, Ted X speaker and personal growth junkie. I founded iThrive - Healing and beyond (previously Thrive FNC) in 2019 with a vision of creating healthier, happier, disease-free communities across the world every single day.

Through my revolutionary practices, I have created India’s largest Functional Nutrition Startup. My band of healers and I have helped more than 10,000 people transform their lives. We have treated 159+ health disorders and successfully reversed chronic diseases.

iThrive has grown tremendously; we have launched multiple platforms like iThrive Academy and iThrive Essentials to achieve my vision. In our Academy, we educate hundreds of people about Functional Nutrition so they can heal hundreds more. At iThrive essentials, we develop the cleanest nutraceuticals that are affordable, high-quality, and bio-available for consumption.

But it was not always so. Four years before the inception of iThrive, I was riddled with multiple health conditions. I was overweight, suffered from eczema and mood swings and was depressed. One day I experienced a major awakening and decided to put my Master’s degree in Nutrition to use by healing myself.

Determined to heal myself, I came across Functional Nutrition. After a deep, comprehensive study, I successfully healed myself. It was an arduous journey. Seeing how difficult it is to heal, I resolved to help others heal through Food and lifestyle changes. I founded iThrive and have since helped countless people get off their medication and heal holistically.

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One of the worst things you could do to a human being is take away their hope of a better future.

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iThrive Alive Testimonial Vivek Agarwal Reversed Insulin Resistance
iThrive Alive Testimonial Siddhartha Pandey Reversed Hypothyroidism

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