Comprehensive Health Check with Advanced Tests

Easily order, track, and receive your blood reports with Rupa Health and understand your health better with personalized health insights by iThrive.

Beyond delivering your markers, we help you decipher your blood readings and reveal the truth behind your health conditions.

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All-inclusive Health Assessment with Labwork and Consultation

Every health condition has an underlying cause/s which reveals itself in outside symptoms. iThrive’s comprehensive health review leverages extensive blood tests and advanced tests to detect the root causes of diseases. Backed with nuances of Indian genotype, you’ll learn the intricacies of your health condition and get empowered to revive your well-being.

Root cause

Our experts will meticulously analyse your blood reports and discuss your health and lifestyle in detail to detect the root triggers of diseases seeding in your body. Functional medicine utilizes optimal ranges against the narrow conventional ranges. It paints a more accurate picture of health analysis

blood tests

Simplify your health journey with the convenience of receiving reports from 30+ lab companies in one place. Book your health test from your home without the hassle of doctor visits.

Advanced tests

Achieve greater accuracy with advanced tests such as MTHFR, GI MAP Stool Analysis, Organic Metabolomics Test, Pathogen Associated Immune Reactivity Screen Test, Dutch Plus Hormone Panel, etc.

Address diverse health concerns

Uncover deep insights on known and unknown health conditions including chronic diseases, vaccine injuries, sexual health, heart health, Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia, and recurrence of past illnesses

What do you get?

Elevate your healing journey with advanced tests and deeper insights.

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The iThrive experience goes above and beyond your typical primary care practice

iThrive x Rupa Health

Standard lab tests

Diverse tests from one platform

Prompt & Hassle-free testing

Extensive bloodwork across 59 parameters

Root cause detection

Detailed discussion of lab reports

Optimal Ranges for accurate health insights

A simple three-step process to get your comprehensive health profile

Get prescribed from
Rupa Health via iThrive

Contact our executives to book your root cause analysis. We’ll get you a health test prescription from Rupa Health.

Get your tests

Rupa Health will guide youthrough the sample collection process. Our expert functional nutritionist will analyse them and identify the underlying causes of illnesses.

Detailed video-call discussion to explain
your test data

Once your iThrive wellness profile is ready, our functional nutritionist will elucidate your results and help you understand your blood parameters and points of concern.

Please Note: Rupa Health test costs are billed separately.

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"iThrive's vision is to create healthier, happier and lifestyle disease-free communities around the world every single day."

-Mugdha Pradhan

CEO & Founder, iThrive

Our Healing Path


A 45 mins video call discussion with an expert functional nutritionist to understand your health history, diseases, lifestyle and health goals.

Root Cause Analysis:

Sophisticated blood tests and intensive analysis to identify the underlying reasons for your health conditions.


Our 3-months programme with a personal functional nutritionist and health coach where you will be guided with food, lifestyle and supplements to heal your conditions naturally and optimize overall health.

Special Offer: Root Cause Analysis: at just $105

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Please Note: Rupa Health test costs are billed separately.

About iThrive - Healing and Beyond

iThrive is a leading functional nutrition firm based in India. Established in 2019 by Mugdha Pradhan, iThrive is grounded in functional medicine principles and has successfully treated 5000+ clients globally. Utilizing root cause analysis and personalized plans, iThrive has treated 174+ chronic and mystery illnesses helping people deal with their health conditions and regain holistic vitality.

We've served clients in 15+ countries worldwide

"I feel blessed to have found out about iThrive"

Habiba Muhammad Jumma, USA

"Despite having been treated with an Open Heart Surgery, I met my fitness goals."

Saleem Shaikh, UAE

"Improvement in overall health, energy and wellbeing is the biggest outcome of my journey"

Pratibha Kamath, Singapore

"By the end of 3 months I had lost a total of 12kgs. Fully reversed from my earlier diabetic levels. I am currently expecting my second child"

Preeti Kulkarni, USA