Get Rid of
Thyroid Diseases by
Addressing the
Root Cause
Thyroid dysfunction is not meant to be endured lifelong.

Discover how we can treat your thyroid disorders within 90 days with the power of functional nutrition.
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Avail Expert Treatment with iThrive's Specialized Thyroid Vertical
Considering the complexity of Thyroid disorders, we have created a dedicated Thyroid vertical for rigorous research and exclusive healing programs.
We provide consulting for the following Thyroid diseases:
Postpartum Thyroiditis
Subclinical Hypothyroidism
Graves' Disease
Underactive Thyroid
Subclinical Hyperthyroidism
Hashimoto's Disease
It’s the time to stop suffering from thyroid problems and start taking action to reverse them.
Limited Conventional Approach
iThrive's Functional Nutrition Approach
Discovers the root triggers of thyroid dysfunction
Detailed blood testing
Antibodies checked to uncover autoimmune conditons
Personalized plans based on Root Cause Analysis
Meticulous reading of individual hormone levels
Treats the root cause to heal the problem from the core
What Causes Thyroid Problems?
Pathogens, Genetics, Toxin exposure, Nutrition deficiencies, Liver dysfunction, Gut dysfunction, Inflammation, Stress
Functional Nutrition Rescuers
Personalized Natural Remedies for thyroid dysfunction, Dietary interventions, Bioindividualized supplementation, Lifestyle Modifications, Stress management practices.
With iThrive it is now possible to Stop the Thyroid Madness
Salient features of our treatment
Advanced tests
Root Cause treatment
Personalized plans
Real-time access to nutritionists and health coach
Holistic healing
Community support
Drug-free treatment
Based on deep research and evidence
Common Symptoms of thyroid
It is important to know that some symptoms of thyroid dysfunction can get masked as everyday health issues, and it’s important that you get your thyroid health assessed routinely.
Benefits of iThrive's healing programme
Your Journey Towards Healing Thyroid begins here
A video call interaction to understand your health status (diet,lifestyle,habits and dysfunctions) and identify relevant blood tests
Root Cause Analysis
Meticulous examination of blood reports to locate the core reason for disease. You will receive guidance and support to make informed health decisions.
90 days healing program
You will experience the transformative power of personalized care and holistic healing. A personal team of a dedicated functional nutritionist and health coach will craft a tailored plan and guide you through diet, lifestyle changes and supplementation to revitalize your thyroid function and revive your health holistically.
Follow up
We understand that every individual's journey is unique and sometimes you might need additional support beyond the programme.

Post protocols tests are done to measure improvements and discuss maintenance protocols to provide continued support.
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See what our clients have to say about us
Ex Thyroid Patient
I have been positively benefited by the team for my thyroid dysfunction and other health issues like anxiety. The process was smooth and the team is incredibly helpful and cooperative. I think this is a great way to deal with the lifestyle diseases and iThrive 's team goes over and beyond to help their patients, which makes them so special. 100% recommendation for their consultation, alive program, root cause analysis and supplements! Many thanks!
Ex Thyroid Patient
With iThrive’s Alive program, I improved my blood sugar, liver panel and lost 8 kgs of weight. At the end of the program I started feeling lighter, increased energy levels. I improved my cholestrol profile and also my emotional wellbeing.
Srividya Jayaraman
Ex Diabetes & Thyroid Patient
Amazing  team, helped me reverse my diabetes and thyroid condition. Their root cause analysis and consultation was too good. The set of nutritionists are very motivating and ready to help round the clock. Thanks !!! Highly recommended!
Madhura Pade
Ex Thyroid Patient
Thank you very much team iThrive for all the guidance and support through these 3 months. I've lost 5kgs in total (56.2kg to 51kg) and average 3 inches on the waist, navel, and lower abdomen. Even though weight loss was not my only target, it was the biggest challenge in my situation, and I was struggling with it for quite some time. And even though I have 5.5yrs of medical education and 5yrs of practice experience, it's difficult to do things when it comes to your own health. We women especially never make ourselves a priority. I learned to make myself a priority in the past 3 months.
Aditi Shukla
Ex Thyroid Patient
iThrive helped me to recover from my Thyroid, obesity, depression, my skin problems and many more, helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually with Root Cause Analysis of blood, right kind of food, meditation and supplements. With iThrive Tribe I felt there is always someone with me to support me lifetime. It’s a complete wellness solution for me. I will highly recommend.
Sheetal Rajesh
Ex Thyroid Patient
I was affected by Covid in April 2021, post that my health went completely down, Thyroid,  gut issues, bloating and such health issues started cropping up. But since past 1.5 months, I started following the diet and supplements provided by the iThrive Team, I see a lot of difference, in terms of weight loss, bloating has reduced.
Our Thyroid Specialists
Mugdha Pradhan
CEO & Founder, Functional Nutrition
M.Sc, Food Science & Nutrition
Suyash Bhandari
Head of Supplements, Health Coach
M.Sc, Food Science & Nutrition
Saloni Kulkarni
Client Services Manager, Health Coach
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Apeksha Chandurkar
Functional Nutritionist
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Manali Chindarkar
Functional Nutritionist, R&D
M.Sc, ND Nutrigenomics
Shagun Arya
Functional Nutritionist, Health Coach
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Krishna Mesta
Functional Nutritionist, R&D
M.Sc, ND Nutrigenomics
Shayonika Shaw
Functional Nutritionist
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Pakhi Gupta
Functional Nutritionist
M.Sc, Nutrition & Dietetics
Frequently Asked Questions
What can go wrong with my Thyroid
Thyroid gland controls vital functions in a human body such as metabolism, temperature regulation, energy balance, protein transportation, and more. It is a sensitive gland and can dysfunction due to the factors mentioned above.

In such cases, thyroid secretes excess or lack of hormones which can cause serious imbalances in the body. If not cured, thyroid dysfunction can lead to dangerous circumstances like infertility, heart failure, goiter and birth defects in babies and more.
How do you determine the right treatment approach for my specific thyroid condition?
We consult with our clients on a one-to-one basis to understand their dietary habits and way of life. Then a root cause analysis is performed through cutting-edge blood tests. By studying the blood parameters in depth, our experts analyze the issues and devise tailored plans according to the client’s bodily requirements. A functional nutritionist and health coach is assigned to each client to ensure personal attention and care.
How often will I need to show up physically for check-ups or follow-up appointments?
The entire programme is conducted online. A 30-45 mins video call interaction is held once a week with your assigned functional nutritionist to measure the progress. You can connect with your consultant at any time of the day via Whatsapp to solve doubts and seek advice. However, you are always welcome to visit us in Pune and we’ll be happy to talk over a cup of detox tea with you!
How is iThrive Alive different from other programs?
Here are the features that differentiate iThrive Alive from other healing programmes:

Benevolent Personalized Care:

The healing atmosphere at iThrive is endowed with love, care, support and trust. Unlike typical doctor-patient consultations, here, you’ll have a warm and friendly experience with your functional nutritionist and health coach who will dedicatedly craft personalized plans for you.

Natural treatment:

iThrive is committed to rescue you from diseases without any harmful side-effects. Our naturalized treatment rooted in functional nutrition, is devoid of life-threatening drugs and relies on nutritional diet, lifestyle modifications and supplements to revitalize you from inside out.

Conscious transformation:

Instead of thrusting their plans on you, iThrive’s experts make you aware of what’s going on inside your body, what needs to be improved and how the suggested diet and lifestyle changes will contribute to your overall health. The entire healing journey is transparent and honest.

Holistic Healing:

iThrive’s approach focusses on root cause analysis to uncover significant to minute imbalances that can impact your health. Along with healing your prominent dysfunctions the Alive programme uplifts your health physically, mentally and spiritually.

Panoramic Knowledge and experience:

Concrete evidence, authentic research and refined experience form the foundation stones of iThrive’s treatment programmes. Our team members are highly qualified and hold  profound experience in the domain of functional nutrition.
What if I am travelling or in social situations where I can’t stick to the recommendations?
That’s what your team is there for. Your Health Coach and Functional Nutritionist will guide you travel tips and hacks for eating right no matter what life situation you are in. Also, remember if you want to have a better health outcome, you’ll have to learn to do things differently and we will help you with that.

Besides, you can join a community of people to share your thoughts and find inspiration. The more you follow the guidelines, the greater progress will be visible in your condition.
What happens after the program ends?
Towards the conclusion, we study your blood report again to figure out the improvements. Based on the analysis, we provide you with an updated plan and list of supplements. If you feel the need for further support, we can discuss maintenance protocols.