Deep dive into anxiety and get empowered to combat it with safe,effective and natural anxiety management techniques

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Anxiety Decoded Webinar

One-hour live session with expert functional nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan to understand anxiety and learn practical ways to tackle it.

Take control over anxiety before it takes control over you

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In the webinar, you'll walk through:

Live Q&A Sessions with experts to address your doubts and concerns about anxiety

Symptoms of


Getting easily fatigued

Difficulty in concentration


Frequently worried

Head and/or chest pain


Sleep Problems

Why Attend this Webinar?


Of Indians suffer from anxiety in India
(Source: Survey by the Centre of Healing/TCOH, Delhi)

Discover practical & natural ways to manage anxiety

To find relief from anxiety, many people resort to taking harmful drugs. In this webinar, you’ll unveil proven, natural and simple tips for controlling anxiety including foods, supplements, good lifestyle habits, things to avoid, etc.

Understand anxiety and its real causes

The mainstream looks only at the mental side of anxiety. In reality, anxiety is an interplay of physical, mental, dietary, environmental and lifestyle factors. Our expert will help you understand anxiety and its causes comprehensively so that you are in a better position to deal with it.

Enhance mental and emotional well-being

Anxiety takes a toll on physical and mental health. Managing anxiety will greatly increase your mental productivity, boost your confidence, improve energy levels, build resilience, aid in emotional control and unleash a myriad of physical and mental health benefits.

Meet your expert instructor

Mugdha Pradhan is internationally certified, one of India’s most sought-after functional nutritionists with 20+ years of experience in health, lifestyle and nutrition. She is the founder of iThrive, a revolutionary wellness start-up and has treated 100+ health conditions up till now helping clients improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being with natural methods.

So here’s your chance to learn from the best in the field and unlock optimum health along with bright career prospects

Who is this webinar for?

You are facing the symptom of anxiety and want to control it

You want to know approved everyday tips to manage your anxiety

You want to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of anxiety

You want to improve your mental health and experience greater mental peace

You are looking for effective, safe and lasting relief from anxiety disorders


Ready to overcome anxiety and reclaim your mental calm?

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Look at what our previous attendees have to say:

"Valuable Learning Experience"

-Aryan Gupta

I recently attended a webinar on vitiligo treatment and was impressed by the level of knowledge and expertise shown. The information presented was clear and easy to understand, and I learned a lot about the various treatment options available for vitiligo.

I appreciated Mugdha's willingness to answer questions and provide additional resources for further research. Overall, it was a valuable learning experience and I would highly recommend this webinar to anyone with an interest in vitiligo treatment.

"Learned A Lot!"

-Nisha Singh

One of the highlights of the webinar was the interactive Q&A session where attendees could ask questions and have them addressed instantly. The team was patient and took the time to provide thoughtful and informative answers to each question.

In addition, I learned a lot about the available therapies and their potential side effects, as well as new drugs that are under development. I also received tips on how to manage the physical symptoms and emotional impact of psoriasis, which I found very helpful. Highly recommended.

"Thank You"

-Dr. Suchi

Thank you for making so many things clear for us. Looking forward to attending more webinars in future.