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We’ve helped hundreds of people find answers to their health they couldn’t find elsewhere...

Now we want to educate health professionals on how to do the same

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It’s exasperating but most of the nutrition and healthcare education is nothing but watered-down science.


Learn from instructors with decades of coaching experience who have grown their own successful businesses.

Nutrition Consultation

You’ll be pushed to grow personally and professionally by like-minded individuals who are here to support you.

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Get the tools and resources to start coaching during your training & get professional feedback to help you become the best coach possible.

Factors about Nutrition

Learn how to start a successful side hustle and build your own coaching business.

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You’ll be mentored personally by successful coaches who have started right where you are.

Knowledge about Nutrition

No matter your schedule or time zone, our programs are designed with a flexible lifestyle in mind. Just add wi-fi.

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Functional Nutrition
What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is a holistic wellness approach that takes into account all the essential aspects of an individual such as the daily habits, important health metrics, current lifestyle, environment they are living in and concluding on root causes before giving any nutritional guidance.

Course Outline
1.  Anatomy and Physiology

-Human Physiology
-Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base balance

2.  Interpreting blood tests

-Introduction to blood
-Why do blood tests matter?
-Interpreting different blood panels: CBC, Blood Glucose, Lipid profile, LFTs, RFTs, Markers of oxidative stress, Enzymes, Waste, pH and Bicarbonate

3.  Biochemical Pathways

-Introduction to biochemistry
-Carbohydrate metabolism: Meaning, types and sources, Contribution to energy production, Measuring and checking status, Clinical outcomes and Corrective actions to be taken
-Protein metabolism
-Fat metabolism
-Micronutrient metabolism and Electron transport chain (ETC)
-When biochemistry goes haywire focusing genetic mutations and lifestyle drivers

4.  Understanding Nutrients

-Functions of Nutrients
-Deficiencies of Nutrients
-Toxicities of Nutrients
-Supplements for different conditions

5.  Human Microbiome

-Introduction to Human Microbiome
-Impacts of gut microbiota on overall health
-Tools for healing the gut
-Testing of gut microbiota-Virome

6.  Understanding Food

-Dietary guidelines and Functional Nutrition in different conditions: Paediatric diseases, Neurological problems, Bone and joint problems, Endorinal problems, Liver problems, Respiratory problems, Renal problems, Cardiovascular problems, Cancer, Autoimmune problems, Digestive problems
-Food Politics

7.  Addressing top Chronic health problems plaguing humanity

-Paediatric diseases, Neurological problems, Bone and joint problems, Endorinal problems, Liver problems, Respiratory problems, Renal problems, Cardiovascular problems, Cancer, Autoimmune problems, Digestive problems

8.  Stress and Mind - Body Medicine

-Physiology of Stress
-Making sense of physical stress
-Deep diving into mental stress
-Strategies for stress

9.  Toxins and Detoxification

-Introduction to Toxins
-Impacts of toxins on overall health
-Introduction to the pillars of detoxification
-How toxic are we?
-Mobilization of toxins from the body
-The different phases of detoxification
-Routes of elimination
-Ways in which toxins cause damage
-An evidence based detoxification protocol

10. Risks of EMFs

-Introduction to EMFs
-Martin Pall case studies
-EMF hypersensitivity
-EMF solutions

11. Coaching skills

-The art of Coaching
-Why do your coaching skills matter
-Bringing in Joy
-Practicing Empathy
-Teaching your clients mindfulness, importance of tracking and Identifying triggers
-Strengthening yourself as a coach (this has many sub components)
-Creating a community around your practice (this has many sub components)

12. Functional Movement

-What is Movement?
-Movement - How is it different from exercise?
-Prolonged Sitting and Sedentariness.
-Movement Hierarchy
-Exercise Fundamentals.
-Self-Limiting Exercises.
-Pain and Movement Dysfunctions.
-Programming and final thoughts.

4 Months Course
6 Classes Weekly
75+ Hours of Video Lectures
Hours of video lectures
Conventional medicine doesn’t stand a chance of turning the tide against chronic disease. But you do.

India is deemed as the world's capital of diabetes. The diabetic population in the country is close to hitting the alarming mark of 69.9 million by 2025 and 80 million by 2030.

People standing in row

5.8 million Indians die from Non Communicable Diseases  every year, in other words 1 in 4 Indians has a risk of dying from a NCD before they reach the age of 70.

Nutrition Imabalance

14% of India's population sufferes from mental health ailments. 45.7 million Indians suffer from depressive disorders and 49 million from anxiety disorders. “India is facing a possible mental health epidemic”, said Indian President Ram Nath Kovind.

Group of People

100 million Americans-nearlyone in three-have either prediabetes or diabetes.


About 1.7 million Indian's deaths caused by heart diseases every year. Health data shows that roughly 16 lakh people suffer from stroke throughout India.

Raised Hands

More than 2 milllion Indian children are estimated to be affected with autism.

Growth Chart

Chronic disease will generate $47 trillion in healthcare costs globally by 2030 if the epidemic is unchecked. That's more than the annual GDP of the six largest economies in the world

Chronic disease is sabotaging our health, and the current medical model is leaving patients sicker than ever-and practitioners like you exhausted, frustrated, and dismayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the eligibility criteria for admission?

Healthcare professionals, Non- healthcare professionals, and all other professionals are welcome.

2. What is the duration of this course?

It is 4 months of course which includes 3.5 months of teaching followed by 15 days of practical training.

3. Is it a diploma or certification course?

A certification course of functional nutrition as a specialization.

4. What is the difference between Nutrition/dieticians and Functional nutrition course?

Functional nutrition focuses on preventive care, to find the root causes of any problem, and not just cover up the symptoms

5. What will be my career options after completing this course?

You can help and heal people by reversing their lifestyle from any chronic disease by working as a certified functional nutritionist.

6. Is this course have any affiliation with any University?

ITHRIVE Academy is affiliated with ITHRIVE- Healing and Beyond, which is a functional nutrition coaching company based in Pune.

7. Are the classes will be pre- recorded or live classes will be held?

All classes will be held live on video conferencing platform and also the video recording of the same will be provided after each lectures for furture referals.

8. Is this course 100% online ? Do i need to attend any classes in person?

This course is totally online as we only work on a virtual platform. Hassle-free classes delivered at your comfort zone.

9. I'm interested in this course but i don't belong to science background, will it work for me?

Yes, Obviously we have designed our course to introduce Functional nutrition, medical terminology, Nutrients etc. from base level.

10. How the evaluation of this course will be done?

The assignments, case studies , and submissions according to the tutor will be evaluated individually or in a group.

We need People like you!

Together with a new approach to health care, we can turn the tide and reverse the course of chronic disease for good.

Not only can you help stem the tide of chronic disease, but you can also enjoy a more fulfilling career by giving yourself the tools and the model to do the one thing you got into this business to do: dramatically improve people's health and lives.

A more effective approach and a more rewarding practice go hand in hand.

The world needs more Functional Medicine practitioners with ancestral perspective one that goes beyond symptom suppression to address the real issue the mismatch between our bodies and our environment.

Ready to fast-track your path to a future where you and others can thrive?

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