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Holistic Nutrition

The power
of functional nutrition

We help treat over 154 health concerns, and have had remarkable success in reversing* chronic ailments like Diabetes, High BP, IBS, PCOD, Migraines, and High Cholesterol.

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Get a customised blood test done & send it our way for root cause analysis

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1 on 1 real time coaching where we handhold & teach you how to go about fixing your blood markers using a scientific approach
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Conditions & symptoms

Treat Chronic Diseases with iThriveTreat Diabetes, BP, any chronic issue with iThrive
50% of adults have at least one chronic condition, the majority of which are modifiable or reversible.
The Centre for Disease Control

What members are saying

To get rid of diabetes was the concern for joining iThrive's program. Results were extraordinary. All parameters have improved. All mentors of iThrive are experienced, knowledgeable and well trained.


“I really do feel better than I have in the past ten years. I have less stress, anxiety, and depression. I have more energy. I have less pain and inflammation. I have less hormonal and stomach issues.”


“I no longer have to accept the helpless conditions of IBS, clinical depression, and chronic fatigue. There was an explanation all this time hiding in my genes. I am supremely grateful for my team at iThrive.”

Rahul Shah, 32 YEARS OLD

iThrive ALIVE - Our 90 Days
Healing Program

Making health your priority does not have to be a chore. India's renowned Functional Nutritionist, Mugdha Pradhan has designed a program that helps you get your health back on track without stressing your body, mind and emotions.

This proven, personalised 12 week program helps you achieve a healthier, happier and disease-free life using Functional Nutrition. By inculcating games iThrive makes your journey easier and enjoyable.

Choosing iThrive’s ALIVE Program, you can experience mind, body and soul healing through multiple mediums including food therapy, lifestyle changes and integrated medical practices.

It is a one-on-one partnership between patient and practitioner that focuses on accurately identifying the root cause of the disorders and curing it using science-based holistic healing.

Benefits of our ALIVE

  • Treat the root cause
  • Reverse chronic diseases
  • Get tailored treatment program
  • No boring diet plan
  • Prevent fostering of genetic diseases
  • Learn from games
  • Community Healing
  • Improve energy and reduce stress
  • Prevent nearly all the diseases of ageing
  • Holistic approach towards healing
  • Guided and research based protocols
  • Personal supporters for difficult periods

Alive - iThrive Team

What you Get

A 30 to 40 min video call where our expert dedicates their time to get to know you, your health history, genetics, symptoms, lifestyle and health goals. Backed with experienced knowledge, you will get deep insight into your body that conventional doctors don’t provide.

Indian Pricing
Note: NRI prices may differ
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Alive - Mugdha Pradhan

What you Get

3 month program, Pre & Post Root Cause Analysis, 12 Customized levels of diet protocols and 1 detox protocol, 1 Highly qualified Nutritionist + Mugdha Pradhan as your Health Coach with daily monitoring, tracking, advising & studying patterns, symptoms & hand holding throughout the journey.

Indian Pricing
Note: NRI prices may differ
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Expert Nutritionist

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Book a consultation with our Founder & CEO, Mugdha Pradhan

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Together is the way we do it.

You're 95% more likely to hit your goals when you team up. That's why every Nutrition Coach is:

A graduate from leading programs in Nutrition, Dietetics, or Integrative Nutrition

Matched to you, down to favorite foods and communication styles

An expert listener ready to change your relationship with food for good

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