A happier, healthier and productive workplace 

Health is the most precious asset for a human being. Elevate your workplace by embracing the well-being of your employees. Create a culture of health with iThrive’s Corporate Wellness programme.

Nearly 85% of employees in private sectors are afflicted with lifestyle, chronic diseases

Poor nutrition is the main cause of health concerns. Support the well-being of your employees with iThrive essentials.

85% of private employees are afflicted with chronic diseases

Poor nutrition is the main cause of health concerns. Support the well-being of your employees with iThrive essentials.

- Supplements are simply nutrients packed in a pill, powder or liquid form.
- Support the well-being of your employees with our power pack of supplements.


The Need for Supplements

Poor Health

Issues like fatigue, low immunity and high stress levels are on the rise.

Low-Quality Food

Our food is low in nutrients and polluted with toxins.

Time Investment

People are leading busy lives finding it difficult to invest time in health. 

With iThrive essentials, watch your workforce reach their full potential and level-up!

Enhanced Health

Reduced health risks

Better motivation 

Reduced absenteeism 

Reduced stress levels

Improved teamwork

iThrive’s Corporate Wellness Pack 

Our experts have studied the most common nutrient deficiencies in people and crafted the optimal power pack of supplements for your employees.

iThrive Essentials Enhanced B-Complex* with 3X Potency

Want to achieve zen-like focus? Give yourself a boost with our B-complex

- Sustain mental alertness and concentration
- Decrease irritability and mental fatigue
- Lift mood and reduce stress
- Supports a healthy nervous system

iThrive Essentials Magnesium* Bisglycinate Powder - 200gm

Feeling tired and lacking motivation at work? Get rid of the lows with Magnesium!

- Supports brain health
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Relieves muscle aches and spasm
- Regulates blood flow Improves heart healthEnhances sleep quality

iThrive Essentials Zinc Defense with Copper - 60 Capsules

Want to unleash peak productivity? Our Zinc defense is here to power you up!

- Fights infections
- Enhances cognitive function
- Improves mental clarity and endurance
- Provides antioxidant support

iThrive Essentials Vitamin D3 + K2 in MCT Oil - 50ml

Not getting enough sunlight? Take your daily dose of the sunshine vitamin with our Vitamin D3+K2!

- Promotes cognitive function
- Prevents musculoskeletal issues
- Improves focus and mood
- Powerful antioxidant Improve heart health

* Disclaimer - Some cases in which supplements should be avoided: 1. Avoid consuming B-Complex if you suffer from cancer, blood disorders, kidney and liver diseases. You can choose to consume it after checking your B12 levels in blood reports. 2. Avoid magnesium if you suffer from any kidney diseases. 

Why iThrive Essentials?

Pure Formulas

We don’t use any fillers, preservatives, or additives that are harmful to health. 

Premium Quality

We are non-GMO, sugar-free, soy-free and vegan/vegetarian friendly.

Tested & Certified

We are third party lab tested to ensure purity and potency. We are also GMP quality assured for your peace of mind. 


About Us

iThrive is a wellness company that offers holistic health and nutrition coaching to cure chronic and lifestyle diseases. iThrive Essentials is our dietary supplements wing. 

3000+ lives changed

174+ diseases healed 

15000+ supplements delivered 

Here’s a glimpse into how we transform lives!

Magnesium makes my mind calm lowering anxiety, helps in getting better sleep. And also my digestion improved. I got what I wanted from it.
Thank you iThrive.


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I have been having Bcomplex for ten days now and I notice I feel more energetic. Also feel less stressed .Looking forward to such wonderful products

Anita Shah

Position, Company name

Good product
It's effective, have been using it for last two weeks, also the best part is we can adjust the dosage accordingly

Shan S

Position, Company name

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