Embracing The Human Experience
What if we told you we’ve decoded how to truly, deeply and fully Embrace the Human Experience? Would you shake your head in disbelief?

Helping you shake that disbelief is what this page is about. We’d like to invite you to read through the next sections and find out for yourself… What does it really mean to fully Embrace the Human Experience!
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Our Vision
To create healthier, happier, lifestyle-disease free communities across the world every single day.
Who we are
Mugdha Pradhan
Founder & CEO, iThrive
Functional Nutritionist and Healer
TedX Speaker, 40 over 40 Award Winner
In 2017, despite holding a Master's degree in Nutrition, Mugdha Pradhan found herself struggling with her own personal health issues. However, she discovered the nuances of Functional Medicine, which ultimately transformed her health. This led to her successfully losing 37 kgs and reversing an autoimmune condition, ultimately healing herself.

The same year, Mugdha walked out of a 14-year marriage and returned to India, where she went on to establish India's first Functional Nutrition company, iThrive, in 2019. Her expertise in Functional Nutrition, ability to build strong teams and beautiful cultures, and passion for scientific research and evidence-based work have enabled iThrive to become an established brand in the Functional Medicine world. It is known for its deep R&D capabilities and authentic care-based approach, allowing it to solve even the most mysterious cases.

Mugdha's focus is not only on helping people solve their physical health issues but also on addressing complex mental, emotional, and spiritual health issues. She has created an 'invite-only' program called Embracing The Human Experience to provide such assistance. Additionally, Mugdha runs a 'Heal The Healers' program exclusively for iThrive Academy students.

Her vision is to evolve into her highest spiritualized self in absolute surrender to serving the Divine. In doing so, she aims to help iThrive fulfill its vision of creating healthier, happier, lifestyle disease-free communities across the world each day.
Avinash Deshmukh
COO, iThrive
Mind & Wellness Coach
Avinash is a chemical engineer by education and a healer by passion. He strongly believes in the ideology of “Experiential Learning” and contributes greatly in propagating the same. On the cusp of midlife crisis and making lots of money, he decided to respond to his calling of becoming a healer. He gave up everything and set out on a path which many find worthy of emulating.

His mind coaching is well received by many and is offered to selected clients. His style of slowly weeding out unwanted things and planting new seeds in the mind is a great success with the clients he has worked with so far.

He does everything at iThrive,if not you can always find him experimenting with new food recipes ultracycling, ultrarunning or watching Bollywood movies.
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Media Mentions
A Sacred Gift
Broken bodies
Fractured minds
Dysregulated emotions
Fragmented Disconnected Souls
Scattered across timelines
This is not what the human experience
was meant to be
The Human Experience is a Divine one
A Sacred gift
To be revered and cherished with
A body that functions well
A Mind that supports your Purpose
Emotions that elevate your existence
A Whole Soul aligned with the Divine
So that you may create
Your personal version of magic
In every timeline you exist in
This is what it’s meant to be
And this is what happens
When you choose to truly
Embracing the Human Experience
Human Existence is a curious one- for, unlike any other species we are blessed with a conscious awareness of our own mortality. Thanks to this, most of us live in a perennial existential crisis.
Often, the main concerns of most Humans experiencing this crisis are mostly the same: that life is inherently pointless, that our existence has no meaning because there are limits or boundaries on it, and that we all must die someday.
Now, what if we changed our perspective on this and considered our existence a journey, an awareness, a necessary experience, and a complex phenomenon meant to be perceived through the Body, the Mind, the Emotions and the Soul as an unique Individuated Consciousness?
What if we tell you we’ve created a framework that helps you learn how to do this, how to Embrace The Human Experience in its entirety?
You’ll do this through a 12 week journey of learning what it means to fully embody  the Human Experience called Life and awakening to your true purpose on this planet. We do this by working with 4 Aspects of your being: Body, Mind, Emotions & Soul.
To read more, download our E-book.
How to heal?
“Heal! Because healed people heal people.”
Mugdha Pradhan
That is why we designed this 12 week Journey.
We want to help You decode the purpose of your existence so that you may Embrace the Entirety of the Human Experience. Once you do that, Life on this planet can begin to make more sense and you being to live in alignment with your truest Self.
What to expect during the 12 week Journey?
During these 12 weeks, you will experience Authentic care, genuine compassion and real kindness from your entire wellness crew.
You will be undertaking a hero’s journey as you do the work in partnership with us and you will learn how important it is. Growth and evolution is the inherent design of the Universe, and once you align with this design, life will begin to seamlessly flow through you and around you.
At the end of this journey, while your body transforms physically, you will receive the gift of knowing your mind, of interpreting and mastering your emotions, of keen understanding of your soul’s purpose, and of recognising who you truly are and living the life of a free sovereign being.
Know your Team
Suyash Bhandari
Chief of Supplements, iThrive
Supplementation Coach
Saloni Kulkarni
Chief of Client Services, iThrive
Supplementation Coach
Manali Chindarkar
Chief of R&D Division, iThrive
Case Researcher
What people say about us
Pratibha Kini


I started my journey with iThrive back in 2020 to work on physical aspect of my health. After working on my physical health, I was informed about the ‘Mind that matters’ program which guides in mental and spiritual aspect of life. Getting to know about this offering really made me happy, as it gave me an opportunity to understand myself better. And it could not have come at a better time, when world was in lock down with the fear of what was to happen in the future. I immediately signed up for the program and so my journey began! I have learnt so much from Mugdha and Avinash. I learnt about different areas of one’s life, each of which needs work towards attaining fulfilment in one’s life as a whole! The conditioning that happens in the society, right from childhood which I never saw was taking away bit of me slowly and accepted it as normal. The ‘Not being good enough’ as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, employee and so many roles which I assumed over time. Each time I lost my true self. The ‘Not standing up for myself’ every time my parents, siblings, friends, spouse did or said something which was not acceptable to me at soul level but I kept quite. Today I understand that the work is deep and the path is that of constant learning. You may read books, watch videos or podcasts, but to have that someone whom you can speak about your experiences, fear, triggers etc. without being judged and with focus on gaining insight about yourself- that to me is what this program offers! I also love to listen and learn form the ‘Embrace the human experience’ podcast…its dynamic, spoken from heart and reaches my heart💓. To anyone out there who seeks to learn more about their mental and spiritual self…u have my word…start your journey with iThrive program and you will have the foundation to walk miles in this journey to seek your true self 🙏🏼.
RajLaxmi Khanvilkar


Avinash and Mugdha,

This is a small Thank you and a Testimony for the healing counselling work done with you'll.
This was truly the best investment I have done in myself in the last 46 years.
Having been in deep depression for the last 7 years with the loss of my father, which was just not moving with traditional psychiatry and the drugs I was put on, which I think was actually making my health worse (as the blood work showed).
You'll managed to cure me within 3 months. I am off all prescription. My blood work is almost normal. I have finally come out of the dark place and can do life like a normal person.
The tools you'll have shared makes it heaps easier to navigate life now and not get debilitated with issues. I truly think finding you'll was a divine intervention as I was this close to giving up on myself.
I highly recommend iTHRIVE to anybody who is struggling with medical issues/life issues that seem insurmountable. Old medical system is dead - iTHRIVE is truly the anamoly in this fucked up medical matrix.

May you'll thrive further Avinash and Mugdha. Gratitude