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iThrive’s research-driven, comprehensive blood and body analysis reveals the underlying reasons behind your health issues, be it Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, IBS, PCOD, Thyroid, Gut Issues, Weight loss, Migraines, Skin disorders, and 150+ chronic conditions.
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iThrive's Revolutionary Approach:
Knowledgeable, Personalised, and Sustainable
We test Over 55+ blood parameters to provide a comprehensive understanding of your body.
We conduct Root Cause Analysis based on optimal ranges, not conventional ranges.
We correlate your symptoms with the precise root causes for targeted solutions.
We apply a Research-oriented approach to rare conditions for unparalleled insight.
We unleash the power of knowledge to guide your journey toward healing and transformation.
Your body speaks through your blood, and we listen intently.
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Alright, but how will iThrive's RCA actually help me?
Increased Knowledge and Understanding:
Gain a deep understanding of your health issue and the factors contributing to it.
Insight into Your Own Behaviour:
Discover patterns and behaviors that impact your well-being
Clarity on Moving Forward:
Receive a clear roadmap for taking control of your health journey.
Greater Peace of Mind:
Find solace and reassurance as we address your health concerns.
Better Overall Quality of Life:
Experience a transformation that enhances every aspect of your well-being.
Go ahead, you deserve a joyful and disease-free life!
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Hear from our Clients
AL Sharada
Ex Diabetes Patient
The insight that I am pumping insulin while I have enough insulin production in my body was revealing. I realized I need to understand my body and should be cued into its messages to me. I need to routinize my life, regulate my exercise and food. It is as simple as that. I am trying my best to bring this shift in my life. I thank the iThrive theme for this insight and their support.
Happy Client - iThrive ALIVE Program
Srividya Jayaraman
Ex Diabetes Patient
Amazing  team, helped me reverse my diabetes and thyroid condition. Their root cause analysis and consultation was too good. The set of nutritionalists are very motivating and ready to help round the clock. Thanks !!! Highly recommended!
Happy Client - iThrive ALIVE Program
Vivek Agarwal
Ex Diabetes Patient
It was a wonderful journey with I-Thrive . They helped me in pushing my limits to a point where I could see glimpses of my total control over my health. And let me tell you that is not easy for a 68 year old man who is already rigidly set in his habits. But I-thrive team could make me do it.
Happy Client - iThrive ALIVE Program
Madhura Pade
Ex Thyroid Patient
Thank you very much team iThrive for all the guidance and support through these 3 months. I've lost 5kgs in total (56.2kg to 51kg) and average 3 inches on the waist, navel, and lower abdomen. Even though weight loss was not my only target, it was the biggest challenge in my situation, and I was struggling with it for quite some time.
Happy Client - iThrive ALIVE Program
Ex Diabetes Patient
I want to thank you and the entire iThrive team for helping me through this journey. Dropped a good 7-8kgs and about 4 inches around my waist.
Happy Client - iThrive ALIVE Program
Meet our Expert Team..
Embrace the iThrive Community- Your Safe Space for Healing
At iThrive, we're not just a brand – we're a lifelong partnership dedicated to your well-being. We foster a caring, empathetic community that celebrates growth, knowledge, and transformation.

With our research-driven insights and ahead-of-the-curve approach, you'll find answers, support, and a caring community that will inspire your journey.
Founded by expert functional nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan in 2019, iThrive is backed by an extensive R&D team and a team of highly qualified functional nutritionists that has helped over 2000 clients reverse over 158 different chronic health conditions through their expertise, science-backed functional nutrition coaching, and real-time response.
Say goodbye to ordinary healthcare and embrace a vibrant, transformative life with iThrive.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of RCA?

After the successful payment, we will schedule the blood tests with our partner labs for blood sample collection at your home. The labs send us the reports in 1-2 days for analysis. After the Analysis is completed, we will schedule an online meeting with you to present the comprehensive report.

What are the suggested blood tests?

We cover 50+ parameters. The list of Blood tests will be shared with you after the successful payment.

Can I get it done from my side?

Yes, in such a case, our growth executive will help you with the process. Please note that discounts for the blood tests won’t be applicable here.

Does it cover the full-body tests?

Yes, It covers all the important panels of our body. For more details, kindly get in touch with our team.

Do you have any tie-ups with labs for blood tests?

Yes, we have partnered with multiple labs to lower the cost of blood tests and to ease the process of sample collection.

How much does the blood test cost?

Through our partnership with the labs, the blood tests will cost you INR 5900 only. Original costs are around INR 9000.

What is the duration of the RCA call?

60-90 minutes