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1-on-1 with India's Finest Functional Nutritionist

Get on a 45-minute call with India’s top Functional Nutritionists and get expert guidance for your radical health transformation.

Meet the Healers

Chief of iThrive Essentials
Chief of iThrive ACADEMY
Sana Vyawahare
iThrive ALIVE with Mugdha Pradhan

Meet Mugdha

Founder and CEO of iThrive

Mugdha is one of the pioneers of Indian Functional Nutrition. Her journey began when she felt completely abandoned by the conventional healthcare system and had to reverse her own autoimmune disease using her Master’s in Nutrition, in-depth blood work, and Functional Nutrition. Now, she leads India’s first integrated platform for holistic wellness.

Consult with Mugdha

Why Consult with Us

Because we care

All successful healing journeys begin with a plan. Instead of prescribing random diets or supplements, our experts will go the extra mile to craft your ideal healing plan tailored to your preferences.

Use the consult call to the fullest and explore:

  • Your detailed health history
  • Current health status and dysfunctions
  • Possible root causes of your health complications
  • Your next steps

Begin Recovery Today

What Our Clients Are Saying

Chitra Mallya

Weight Management
Very dedicated, supportive and kind guides. Helped me push my boundaries to adopt a new way of life. I had unhealthy eating habits that were affecting my immunity, energy levels and other biomarkers in my blood test reports that would have led to serious health problems in the long run. I came across ithrive and decided to give it a shot. I'm happy with my post protocol results and I hope to continue with my new lifestyle and habits.

Abhishek Doshi

Thyroid Dysfunction
iThrive is leading the functional nutrition practice. Their way of healing is extremely scientific and well researched. I experienced a change in lifestyle and consequently my health as well. Their team, their analysis of the root cause and the supplementation goes a long way in ones healing journey! It's taught me realise the value of mindful living!

Prastuti Sharma

Vitiligo, Eczema
Great team with a holistic approach to healing. Had been having low hemoglobin levels for two years. Nothing was working. But my team quickly found out the root cause behind it and within 3 months my levels came up (normal now). Several other deficiencies were fixed as well. Try them if you can be disciplined with what you eat and make the commitment to eat really healthy for the rest of your life. A big thank you to Shriya, Shayonika, Salonika and Abhishek! Keep up the good work!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a consultation?

You can book your slot by clicking here and filling out the form! If you’d like to consult with Mugdha Pradhan, click here.

Is the consultation available offline?

Offline consultations are only available in Pune, for everyone else iThrive uses telehealth to provide online consultations. This way, you can attend your call from the comfort of your own home and enjoy complete privacy.

How long is the call?

Each 1-on-1 consultation call is about 45 minutes. Rest assured, your information will be entirely confidential and not shared with anyone outside the team.

What is the cost of consultation?

Prices vary depending on whether you choose to consult with Mugdha or an expert Functional Nutritionist. You can view the respective prices here and here.

What should I expect from the call?

First, check if the Functional Nutritionist seems right for you. You will both explore your health history and plot out possible root causes and next steps together. Trust is important.
Once that’s out of the way - feel free to mention anything you’d like to know about! And we mean anything - your lifestyle, sleep habits, dietary preferences - anything and everything that can help us make your healing journey easier.

What happens after the call?

That’s up to you! Your expert Functional guide will explore your next steps in the call. You can book a Root Cause Analysis to get unparalleled insights into your health using detailed blood tests.
You could also enroll for our 3-month health transformation program ALIVE 2.0 and experience unique holistic healing.
Or - you could do both and make the most of our disease reversal program!


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