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Gut down your gut problems

Get rid of gut issues and revive your health with 21-Day Gut Reset, designed by the best functional nutritionists.

iThrive's DIY Gut Reset

21-day program to revamp gut health and transform overall wellness.
PRICE:  Rs. 9999  Rs. 4,999/-
Get a new life in 21 days:
Experience relief from stomach discomfort, bowel irregularities and digestive problems.
Save yourself from gut infections and a host of other physical and mental dysfunctions
Learn to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices for a fit, joyful and disease-free life
Manage your weight, improve skin health, boost energy levels and restore optimal functioning of the body.
Enhance your mental well being by reducing gut-induced mental issues like brain fog, fatigue, depression and anxiety.
Reboot your stomach with gut cleanse detox

Who needs the Gut Reset

This program is tailor-made for you if you have any of the following symptoms:
Acid/food reflux
Stomach Ache

Reset your Gut and never look back again!

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So what's the plan?

Week 1: Elimination & Introduction to Diet

Your journey will kick -off by wiping out trouble causing foods and ingredients that are wreaking havoc and leading to inflammation in the stomach. This is where you also get introduced to the science of gut health, so don't miss out on upgrading your knowledge. And did we mention that you also get to try out some delicious gut-friendly recipes from the recipe book!

Week 2: Gut-Friendly Diet Plans

You will learn about a healthy, balanced and nutrient-rich diet here which will improve your gut health. You will discover the best diet for gut health and foods  for better digestion. The aim is to enrich the gut flora by promoting good gut bacteria.

Week 3: Gut Detox & Maintenance Protocol

In this final gut cleanse week, you will work towards flushing out the toxins from your colon. A clean stomach will unleash a volume of health benefits, revive digestive health and prevent perilous circumstances that waste build-up can cause in the body.

But Why iThrive's DIY Gut Reset?

Evidence-backed Program

Proven strategies based on functional nutrition science


DIY model for you to follow this program as per your comfort

Healing & beyond...

Not just heal your gut, but get to know your gut - the second brain of your body

Designed by Experts

Designed by highly qualified and experienced Functional Nutritionists

Its not 21 days, it’s a Lifetime of Happy
Gut and Happier You:

Get lifelong access to

Insightful learning videos




Recipe Booklet


Care card for mindful eating


Gut gyaan guidelines


Daily Habit Tracker & more

Ready to feel amazing again? Then gut down
your gut problems

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