Brown Rice Peas Pulav

August 28, 2020


-1cup brown rice

-1/2 cup green peas

-1/2 cup onions

-1 inch ginger

-Handful of coriander leaves

-Green chillies (accodring to spiciness needed)

-1 piece of cinnamon

-2 to 4 cloves

-1 small bay leaf

-Salt to taste


Step 1

In a pan, saute onion, coriander, grated ginger, green chillies. Allow it to cool and grind them into a fine paste.

Step 2

In a pressure cooker, add cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf and saute until the colour changes to golden brown.

Step 3

Add the paste to the spices and cook until the raw smell goes.

Step 4

Add green peas to the mixture along with washed rice, salt and enough water for the rice to be cooked. Put the lid and pressure cook upto 2 whistles. Serve warm.

Health Benefits

Recipes made using rice are considered to be the safest from all the plant toxins and antinutrients. This recipe is a tasty twist with the addition of spices and vegetables.

Recipe Created By
Ria Jain

One of iThrive’s biggest focus to teach anyone how to harness the healing power of food. In order to this, we have been creating innovative and delicious recipes that are filling, tasty and full of healing benefits. This one is just one of those recipes.

Ria Jain
Functional Nutritionist

Ria has a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics and is in a permanent research mode and keeps the rest of us at iThrive (Previously ThriveFNC) updated with her latest findings in the field of Nutrition. Her articles on iThrive's blog are an expression of her research findings. We really don’t know what we’d do without her support and her focus.