Healthy Quinoa Salad

July 22, 2020


- Quinoa, rinsed        :   1 1/2 cups

- Cucumbers             :    5 (peeled, ends trimmed, and cut into 1/4-inch cubes)

- Small red onion       :   1 (cut into 1/4-inch cubes)

- Tomato                    :     1 Large (cored, seeded, and diced)

- Coriander leaves    :    1 Small bunch (chopped)

- Mint leaves             :      1 Small bunch (chopped)

- Lemon juice            :     1 lemon

- Salt and Black pepper :  to taste


Step 1

Bring 12 cups of water to a boil in a large steel saucepan. Add the quinoa, stir once, and return to a boil. Cook uncovered, over medium heat for 12 minutes. Strain and rinse well with cold water, shaking the sieve well to remove all moisture.


Step 2

When dry, transfer the quinoa to a large bowl. Add the cucumbers, onion, tomato, parsley, mint, lemon juice, salt, and pepper and toss well. Serve and Enjoy!


Health Benefits

Quinoa is high in fiber and also high in protein. It contains all essential amino acids. It contains the highly beneficial plant flavonoids like Quercetin and Kaempferol besides which it is gluten free. Coriander is excellent for chelating heavy metals from your body. Mint is great for the liver as well as overall digestion. 

Tomatoes provide Beta Carotene- a precursor to Vitamin A and onions have potent antiviral and antibacterial compounds. It’s a filling, hearty dish full of healing benefits! And one that can be made in bulk for pot lucks and parties too

Recipe Created By
Ria Jain

Shriranjani came to iThrive for help with her Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue  Sydrome. Within days of starting the protocol, her overall body inflammation started coming down and her body began to lose its stiffness and felt more soft and pliable. Due to her chronic fatigue, she had a coffee dependency but she kicked off that habit in the first month itself.

She lost about 6 kgs on the protocol. The 3 months with iThrive were just the beginning of her healing journey. She now has more good days than bad and her chronic pain and fatigue is now an exception instead of the norm. She has truly been a Health Warrior with her discipline and self awareness. She has been one of iThrive’s most creative contributors with recipes. Enjoy this creation from her!


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Ria Jain
Functional Nutritionist

Ria has a Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics and is in a permanent research mode and keeps the rest of us at iThrive (Previously ThriveFNC) updated with her latest findings in the field of Nutrition. Her articles on iThrive's blog are an expression of her research findings. We really don’t know what we’d do without her support and her focus.