The Pitfalls of A Vegan Diet
A Scientific and Ethical Analysis of Veganism
Explore the flaws in one of the biggest dogmas in the world of nutrition today: veganism. A vegan diet is often unchallenged because of the big push for plant-based diets globally, citing ethical and environmental concerns. But these concerns aren't genuine, as we explore in the book. And a vegan diet has massive shortcomings from a nutritional perspective.
The Pitfalls of a Vegan Diet is a comprehensive overview of the vegan ideology with scientific evidence to support counter-arguments.
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“Valuable resource for informed dietary choices”

As a nutritionist, I often see the negative impacts of a poorly planned vegan diet on my clients. This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make an informed decision about their dietary choices.

Rahul Mehta

“Honest and highly recommended"

Finally, a book that takes an honest and critical look at the vegan movement. As a former vegan, I wish I had read this before making the switch. Highly recommended!

Shruti Patel
Food Blogger

“Eye-opening critique of veganism”

This book opened my eyes to the dangers of blindly following a vegan diet without understanding the potential consequences. A must-read for anyone considering going vegan!

Raj Singh
Fitness Trainer