All You Need To Know About Functional Nutrition

December 9, 2021

With health becoming the number one priority people keep searching for different diets and health plans to follow not only in the hope of losing weight but in order to live a better, healthier lifestyle.

The study of nutrition on its own is a very broad term and has different subfields in them. Dieting is just one part of nutrition. If you go study about it you’ll find tons of articles related to nutrition and all giving you different advice. There are thousands of different theories and subfields in nutrition - Keto, intermittent fasting, sports nutrition, etc to choose from.

With so many fad diets out there, why should you believe in Functional Nutrition?

This blog will answer all your questions related to functional nutrition.

What is Functional Nutrition?

Let’s start with the important question. What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is a holistic wellness approach to a healthier, disease free lifestyle. In simple terms, it means nutrition mapped out based on all the essential aspects of an individual such as food, living conditions, mental health, spirituality and functional movement and fitness.

This nutrition takes the path of prevention that aims to extricate the root cause of your ailment and not just cure your problem on the surface. Functional Nutrition addresses the imbalances in the body by restoring function through food, lifestyle, and supplement interventions. 

Functional nutrition knows that health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of immense vitality..

Each individual has a unique psychological makeup and has different dietary and lifestyle patterns making it impossible to treat everyone in the same way. Just because you have the same disease as another doesn’t mean that the treatment that works for them will work for you, That is why it is pivotal to know exactly which nutrition plan you must follow to start on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. You can get a better understanding of your body’s needs by consulting a functional nutritionist.

Who is a Functional Nutritionist?

A Functional Nutritionist takes a novel and more comprehensive approach when it comes to treating patients i.e. they use root cause analysis. A Conventional Nutritionist will examine and attempt to suppress ailments without getting to the bottom of the disease whereas, a Functional Nutritionist will deeply investigate your body using blood samples and other tools to locate various clues and weave them together to arrive at an authentic prognosis for the patient.

A person suffering from shortness of breath will be prescribed some medicines by a conventional doctor and may see immediate results but discover that they are facing the same problem again after a few weeks. This is where consulting a functional nutritionist is your best option. They will not treat your ailment just on the surface but get a detailed report to dig out the root cause and treat you accordingly. 

The nutritionist after taking detailed reports of your body will study it closely to dig out the root cause for your ailment and will map out a functional nutritional plan accordingly. The nutritional plan will include diet, changes to your lifestyle, supplementation and even usage of multifarious remedial processes all working towards the goal of making you healthy.

How To Improve Your Functional Health

Functional Health is your body’s mental and physical capacity to participate in your daily routine. 

You can improve your body’s functional health by making minuscule changes in your routine. You can start this by slightly changing your diet. Or you can start by taking supplements to bridge the nutrient gap left by unhealthy food habits.

Such small changes go a long way in improving both your mental and physical health. This is what will make you a functionally healthy being.

functional nutrition

Whom Does Functional Nutrition Help

As explained above, functional Nutrition just means being able to go on with your daily activities without it affecting your health in any way. It is a practical and medically-approved healing methodology that inculcates various remedial processes and a broad amalgamation of different healing practices such as western medicine, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and traditional medicine. Functional Nutrition is a practice that should be taken up by everyone.

Functional Nutrition aims to reinstate an individual’s overall bodily functioning to the optimum. 

A good functional nutrition plan will not only help you improve your health but can also bring disease reversals and sustainable change in your life.

So What are you waiting for?

Book a consultation with a functional nutritionist to start living a healthy life, naturally!!

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