A Healers Destiny- Why 2023 Is Your Year To Reclaim Your Power Back!

January 17, 2022

2020 and 2021 has beyond doubt proved that the world we live in desperately needs more healers. Sure, every human has the capacity to heal ourselves and nurture others. We all have access to healing energy, thoughts, intentions and yet some of us are better at this than others. Undoubtedly we are  individual expressions of the life force, but we all have different paths, and not all of us feel called to healing practices. And then, there are some of us, created only for this Purpose- to be Healers. 

Who is a Healer?

Healer is someone who just feels a pull toward service of a different kind. A pull towards helping other humans, you see healers have this unique and innate ability to transform energy. And the pull is magnetic, you can sense it, feel it and it makes you want to take lead when the collective suffers and struggles with disease- whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. This article is for those of us- my fellow Transformer beings, soul sisters and brothers, this one's for you. But before we proceed, here are some signs that might indicate if you are a healer or not.

1. You Are Very Sensitive, To People, To Spaces, To Energies Overall

highly sensitive people

You’ve often been told you are over-sensitive and you truly are, you get overwhelmed and frazzled easily especially when out in public or in extensive social interactions. Sometimes you may wonder if you are insane because you feel things others don't feel, see things others don't see, hear things others don't hear, smell things others don't smell, and sense things others don't sense. You have the most vivid dreams. Well, No- you aren’t insane. You are designed like that. Like I am!


There are some of us 

That feel so much 

That we wish we’d 

Stop feeling 

And just become numb

You don’t know 

That your feeling everything 

Is a superpower 

It’s your brand of magic 

That yet didn’t die out

Despite the world trying hard

It’s your job to 

Keep it alive at all costs”

2.You Genuinely Like Being Alone But You Also Love People And It Confuses You

You will be naturally drawn to other humans, because it's in your design to heal them but surprisingly it also drains you out.

The more time you spend with others, the more you feel the need to retreat to your own space, work on yourself, meditate and be alone. You might call yourself an introvert. That’s just a label, your alone time is when you recharge and it's literally how you are able to be present again and again to those who need you when they need you in their pain and suffering

3. You Are Incredibly Empathetic

When anyone needs advice, you are the first one they text, call or meet. Just interacting with your energy makes people feel better about themselves or the situation they are stuck in. Your empathy is one of your transformative superpowers, you can feel what they feel and also change their energetic state. Usually taking them from a lower vibrational place to a higher one. Your ability to transform emotions can bring solace and peace to anyone stuck in darkness. 

4. You’ve Been Looking For Love For As Long As You Remember

Love is the greatest healing force on this planet and from the time you were a little girl/ little boy you’ve been looking for all forms of love. You’ve people pleased, bent over backwards, sacrificed your own needs and desires just so that you’d receive a glimmer, a reflection, an iota of love and often were unsuccessful in finding it. You know in your heart that love is the balm that everyone needs for their healing and if you only could invoke enough of it in a person, they’d heal on their own. You’ve often paid the price for this exploration by losing sight of the love you need to hold sacred for yourself. 

5. You’ve Had To Repeatedly Heal Yourself

From physical ailments to emotional trauma, you’ve survived what most wouldn’t because your healing journey makes you more sensitive to others' plight. In some indigenous cultures, the healer in a village was typically someone who had survived an “act of God,” such as being struck by lightning, or who had a deformity or illness that was supposed to kill them but didn’t. In your case it might not be lighting but childhood abuse, life threatening illness or a near death experience that set you off on this journey. Healed people heal people. This is true. 

If you went through this mini-list nodding your head all the time saying “Yes, that’s me”, it’s time you read the rest of this article. 

Why Did I Write This?

Because one of the biggest tragedies to me personally as a healer is to witness the birth of other healers and see them get hurt and traumatised by the world so much, that they get broken repeatedly and they entirely forget their purpose, their true design and their ability to be able to heal other people. I've seen this happen over and over where a healer just gives up on themselves out of their own free will and the world is left one healer short. It feels extremely sad  and there’s a sense of powerlessness I experience when I  witness this. 

Powerless because this is a universe of free will, which means if you choose to deny your purpose, your larger purpose, your role in the grand design, the very reason why the Creator created you- if you choose to deny that out of freewill you will experience the painful consequences of that choice. 

Which primarily is that your entire existence starts falling apart. Because you were created with a purpose, you were created with the ability to heal other people, you are created with the ability to bring transformation in other people's lives and you deny yourself that purpose, there is no reason for you to exist. You will subconsciously begin to self-destruct.  The Universe will very kindly help you in this. 

How Do I Know This?

Well, been there, done that. This happened to me too. There was a time when I actually lived how the world/ society at large wanted me to live. Good daughter, good wife, good daughter-in law, good employee, good citizen, good mom, good employee.. Checking off every label with top marks, living in a quagmire of toxic, passive-aggressive relationships that broke my heart multiple times. What was even worse than that though was that I had no purpose for my existence. Sure enough subconsciously I was on a suicidal path. I had an autoimmune condition that was destroying my body because my body was like, 

“Hey, if you don’t have the courage to live your purpose, why should I even exist, right? Like I'm here to host your consciousness, I'm here to host your soul. Hello! If you're not doing your soul's purpose, then I am going to self- destruct and I'm going to help you say bye-bye to this sucky world”

That is what my body was doing. 

The thing is, I see this happen with a lot of healers. They get stuck in the materialism of things, in societal conditioning, in the programming of how they should look, how they should behave, what kind of life they should live, what their houses should look like, which branded clothes and shoes they should be wearing etc. They get stuck in this without really understanding that the universe created them with a very specific purpose. 

The universe wants to grow, the universe wants to evolve. That evolution requires energy. The Energy of Transformation. We healers are fragments of her,  beautiful fragments of her, designed to fulfill that purpose, designed to bring light into the darkness. And if you forget that you are meant to hold his light, that you are meant to transform the darkness not just in yourself but within other people by just lighting up their path with your light, if you forget this, your life is going to be mostly filled with a lot of pain and trauma and unhappiness because through these the Universe is whispering, speaking and sometimes outright yelling at you that you’ve missed your path. 

I'm not saying pain doesn't enter your life even if you start living your purpose as a healer, but you will learn how to deal with it. You will be given assorted tools, techniques and gifts so that you learn how to transform that pain and suffering into Love. And through your own journey you will be able to create transformations for others. 

That’s why this article. I am calling out to all my healer sisters and brothers, it's time to step into your power as healers. I know the world out there tries to break you down. Don’t. Wake-up to your power. To your Purpose. Rise up and let’s heal this world of its darkness forever. In my next article I will share practices that helped me wake up to my own power, so that in 2022 the Healers of this world can reclaim their power back. 

Mugdha Pradhan
Functional Nutritionist

With a Master’s degree in nutrition and two decades’ experience in health and wellness, Mugdha has successfully healed many people at iThrive (Previously ThriveFNC) since 2017. Mugdha herself was struggling with finding solutions when her health took a nosedive. With modern principles of functional medicine and ancient wisdom about food, paired with spirituality, she beat several chronic illnesses.

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