Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul

June 20, 2022

The concepts of treating and healing are polar opposites. Treatment is the process of curing an external or internal wound. In another sense, it refers to correcting something wrong. Healing, on the other hand, is a journey of recovery. This recovery is not limited to physical healing, but also includes mental, spiritual, and emotional healing. According to Kimberly Firth and others, "healing" is "a holistic, transformative process of repair and recovery in mind, body, and spirit that results in positive change, finding meaning, and movement toward self-realization of wholeness" 1.

Mugdha Pradhan, a renowned Functional Nutritionist, says that, “for your body to accept treatments, it simultaneously needs to heal emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.” Solely working on your body won't give you the results you wish for unless you also put the same effort into healing holistically. 

The best way to incorporate holistic healing is to work on 12 areas of your life simultaneously. Working on something from every angle is the only way to make progress. A student must work equally on all subjects in order to achieve good grades. So to be a mindful person, you need to heal holistically. 

The 12 areas of life on which you must focus are as follows:

  1. Health and Fitness: Your journey of healing starts with you becoming healthy. Every healing journey begins with the person wishing to become healthier and fitter. You can start small by meditating daily for 5 minutes, going for 30-minute walks, or even taking a comprehensive blood test to ensure that you have no surprises in store for you. 
  1. Social Life: We are social creatures. A meaningful and healthy social circle can bring you happiness and peace. Quality experiences with your circle can make you feel better. On bad days, even good memories of your circle can bring you joy.
  1. Intellectual: As the years go by, your mind keeps evolving. Your personality reflects your intellectuality. Knowledge is constantly changing, and you should keep up with it. The more intellectual you become, the more progress you are ready to make. Your mind is the only barrier to progress. Begin small, learn a new skill, or improve your current one. 
  1. Spiritual Life: Spirituality is subject to an individual's personal belief. Spirituality brings meaning and depth to your life. It is the ultimate power you believe in. This can be anything, the universe, God, or even yourself. Start meditating or doing yoga to connect with the source.
  1. Emotional Life: Your emotions have a significant influence on your daily life. If you are experiencing emotional distress, your entire day may become unpleasant. Your emotions are a powerful pathway to overall healing. If you are not in a good emotional state, your body's ability to heal suffers. Practicing gratitude can help you change this and improve your emotional life.
  1. Quality Of Life: What kind of life do you desire? Your life goals are yours, and no one should tell you what they should be. It doesn't matter if the dreams are materialistic or emotional. Want to have a larger house, be happier in your surroundings, or even eat a specific type of food? Begin manifesting the life you want to live and working toward it. You take the first step, and the universe takes care of the rest.
  1. Character: People begin to lose themselves over time. You start pretending to be someone who is not naturally you. Character aspect allows you get to look into yourself, discover who you are, and be true to yourself. But that's not all. What if you discover a shortcoming in your character? Begin by making small changes and modifying your character. One can always refurbish their character while remaining true to themselves.
  1. Career: Yes, advancement in your career is essential, although, a  successful career does not always imply being in a position of power. A promising career is one in which you are happy and are constantly challenged positively. Examine your current job and begin working on either becoming an expert in your current field or finding the best career option for you.
  1. Love and Relationship: Humans are not solitary beings. Having positive relationships can help you deal with your mental health issues. You can get out of a funk by talking to a loved one. Loving relationships can exist between a friend, sibling, or significant other. The most important person to aspire to love is yourself. You won't be able to accept love from others unless you first love yourself.
  1. Parenting: This aspect is related to the relationship between a child and their parents. It's one of the most important relationships you'll ever have. It is critical to work on this relationship. Many people who suffer from anxiety and depression believe that their problems begin with their relationship with their parent or child. Both sides must work on this relationship. So, whichever side you are on, you must put in the effort. One option is to communicate more. Communication is the key to healthy relationships.
  1. Finance: Finance can be the source of all your anxiety, workaholism, and insomnia. Money, or so we've been told, runs the world, but there's another saying: "Money can't buy happiness." These two sayings go hand in hand: struggling with money can make you unhappy, but racing after money can also make you miserable. The point is that you must strike a balance between the two. Furthermore, your money beliefs should be intact. One way to do so is to set sustainable financial goals.
  1. Life Vision: Without purpose, you will be adrift in this world. All the above segments help you reach the goal you have in your mind. So, first and foremost, establish a goal. If you do not have a destination in mind, you will not know which road you need to take. You will be stranded where you are. You have no incentive to continue if you have no drive or destination in your life. So get out your diary and write down your LIFE GOAL!

This journey can be difficult. There can be times when you wish to give in or are unsure what directions to take to change one aspect of your life. iThrive Minds That Matter program here can help you attain mindfulness.

Sharvi Dave
Research Associate

Experienced writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing & editing history. skilled in writing, communication, digital marketing, & general aviation. Strong media & communication professional with a Bachelor of Science - Bs focussed in Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science & Technology General from Bombay Flying Club.

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