The Shape of Water – Can Our Feelings Impact The Structure of Objects?

October 3, 2023

Have you ever thought that the way you feel about something could affect its growth? I recently came in contact with one such thing…water. Yes, you heard right! Water does get affected by our feelings, emotions, and how we think about it. And it isn’t the only thing that does.

In this article, I’ll be discussing some research done on this subject, so by the end of the article you’ll be taking home some great insights regarding its practical applications, which are leagues more important than just the theory. Always remember, "Knowledge is not wisdom; applied knowledge is wisdom." 

The Rice Experiment:

Before going ahead, I encourage you to try a little experiment: take 2 glass jars & put some boiled rice into both. Ensure the lids are airtight. Then take 2 pieces of paper or labels and write the word ‘LOVE’ on one and ‘HATE’ on the other, and stick them on the jars. 

Every day for 1 month, pick up the jar for a few seconds and look at the rice while thinking of the feelings denoted on the jar. If the jar says 'love', then emit warm and compassionate feelings of love towards that jar, and vice versa. Look out for any changes in the rice on a daily basis.

I'll let you know what changes to expect by the end of the article.

The reason I asked you all to try the experiment is because how we see and feel do indeed have a huge and tangible impact on the things around us.

Masaru Emoto’s Proof of Intention

A Japanese researcher named Dr. Masaru Emoto proved this theory with water; he published his research outcomes in a book named Hidden Messages in Water”. He collected different samples of water from polluted wells in Japan & put them under an electron microscope to capture the images. Of course, the images taken from polluted wells showed broken crystalline structures with non uniform shapes and sizes. He then requested a group of people and a priest to say healing prayers to those polluted wells.

He redid the microscope procedure and to everyone’s surprise, what he found was that after praying, the crystal molecules had transformed & were complete. The crystals were in uniform and beautiful shapes like snowflakes.

Emoto proved that our vibrations and energy affect everything that surrounds us. Whether our feelings and vibrations are positive or negative doesn’t matter – it will affect the objects around us nevertheless, in either positive or negative ways.

Outcomes of the Rice Experiment

The rice experiment mentioned earlier had been suggested by Emoto to get a glimpse of our consciousness & intention, which has a huge effect on our surroundings. The expected outcome of the experiment is that the jar with the ‘love’ label on it should have fresh rice, while the one with ‘hate’ would rot and become moldy if done with the right intentions and emotions.

In Conclusion

The best thing you can do before drinking water from an unknown source is to keep it near your heart and say a prayer of love and gratitude to it; to express positivity and acceptance towards it. This applies not only to water, but also to everything that we do, especially our food and the things which we consume. Do keep in mind that practicing the right intention does not give license to eat any random unhealthy foods or to drink unclean tap or unfiltered water without following basic safety precautions. Remember ‘you are what you think, eat, drink, and breathe.’ – so think, eat, drink, and breathe pure.


‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ by Masaru Emoto.

Suyash Bhandari
Functional Nutritionist

Suyash has a Master's in Food Science and Nutrition, is a certified sports and clinical nutritionist, a certified nutrigenomics counsellor and a certified holistic lifestyle coach. His ability to teach his patients about their mind-body connection and the root causes of their health problems makes him a key member of team iThrive (Previously ThriveFNC).

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