What can you do to overcome your current fear of the virus?

May 31, 2020

If someone would have told us in January 2020 that a supposed virus would bring all of human civilization to a standstill we’d have probably laughed (a lot) and asked them which apocalyptic movie from Netflix were they talking about. That joke is now our reality. 

Life as we knew it, has come to an abrupt end. All of humanity is on a pause mode because of the fear of a virus. Everyday we hear debates on the number of deaths, percentage of mortality, number of infected people and so on. The entire world except for Sweden and Belarus is under lock-down.

These ongoing lock-downs are presenting their own set of problems. As people work from home, the boundaries between personal time and work time seem to have blurred. We’ve had people reporting to us how because of extra workload they are unable to fit in self care practices like cooking healthy meals and eating on time. With gyms closed, most people have given up on their exercise and workout routines. People have been reporting sleep issues. Social isolation is creating a whole new host of mental health problems, cases of domestic abuse and violence have increased. There is no doubt that the lock-down is harsh on us, but somewhere there all of us need to acknowledge our own responsibility for this scenario.

What? How is this our responsibility?

Well,  most of you are afraid of this mysterious virus. That it will somehow infect you and you may not be able to fight and it might kill you or your loved ones. Data from all over the globe has been consistently showing that it’s not the virus itself, but the body’s inability to fight it that results in death. If you have underlying conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, asthma you are more likely to die than others. You can read more about this here. The question then is why do some people get sick while others stay healthy? And among those who become infected, why do some people fare so much better than others of the same age and gender? Over and over again, it turns out that a person’s diet and lifestyle makes an enormous difference.

Now, the probability of any of the Thrive tribe members succumbing to the disease is very, very low because we take 100% responsibility for our health and fix every underlying dysfunction with a warrior’s mindset. Our bodies are now so stable that a viral infection wouldn’t threaten our existence. For the last 3 years Thrive has been reversing people’s diabetes, helping them lose weight, getting rid of their high blood pressure and getting them off medication. In short, we’ve been healing the exact comorbidities that seem to increase the chances of death with this viral infection. Besides which, iThrive is no stranger to viruses, bacteria and other pathogens- we’ve healed people from H.Pylori, Streptococcus, Epstein Barr Virus and other assorted microorganisms. We don’t fear them, we simply treat them and the root causes that allow them to create a dysfunction and they go away.

That being said, we know the rest of you genuinely fear for your and your loved ones lives because you don’t know if you’d survive the infection. This article is for you. Please pay attention. You fear the infection only because you don’t know if your body can fight it off.  This fear triggers an ancient primeval fear response in your brain and you start producing stress chemicals. Did you know, the more afraid you are- the less empathy you have, your relationship with logic changes and your intelligence drops? Even if this particular supposed pandemic clears up, something like this can recur in the future.

The question all of you should be asking is “How do I prepare for that, not just for now but for the rest of my life?”

Right now, if you aren’t confident about your body’s ability to heal, it’s highly likely that you’ve never bothered to invest time and energy in fixing your health problems. You probably are one of those who valued your freedom to eat whatever you wanted more than you valued being free of disease. You are one of those that shruggs off any information on becoming healthier versions of yourself because either you were too addicted to your comfort foods, your junk food and your unhealthy behavior patterns. Or you thought this wasn’t an important enough issue for you to address right now because you had your entire life ahead of you. Or you just didn’t want to invest the time, energy and money into learning about what your body needed and how to take care of it. This is what we mean by not taking responsibility for your own health.

Truth be told, your irresponsibility is now making you afraid. Your irresponsibility makes it easier for a supposed pandemic to take control of our lives. Along-with that you are now experiencing the mental and emotional repercussions of being under a lock-down. Your inability to take personal responsibility for your health, makes the entire situation worse for you and your family. It makes it worse for your world. Do you see the connection?

However, we are not writing this to make you feel guilty or ashamed. We write this to give you hope. To tell you that you don’t have to be afraid. That all is not lost. See, the human body is incredibly intelligent and resilient. We have seen it heal magically in a period as less as 3 months in most cases. All one needs to do is listen to every signal it sends to you, understand the message and take the appropriate action. 

Imagine a day in your life where your body is not a mystery, where you are not afraid of some mysterious virus coming and taking over your system and destroying it. Imagine a day where you didn’t feel fat, ugly, tired, in pain or dull. A day where you look and feel beautiful and courageous. Imagine a day in your life where from the moment you wake up till you go to bed you are filled with confidence, inspiration and drive. A day where you accomplished everything you wanted to. Now imagine another day like this and another and another, until your whole life looks like this. 

Close your eyes and really, really imagine this.

Isn’t this a much better future than the one you are currently creating- one filled with anxiety, fear and dread about your health and your loved one’s health? 

What if we told you this alternative future isn’t an elusive dream but a real possibility? Would you be willing to talk about this possibility? Well then, what’s stopping you? You are not alone in this. We’ve got you. Talk to us and we’ll help you create this future.  Because if you don’t do this now, then when would you? It’s a decision whose time has come. 

Share this article with your loved ones too so that they don’t have to be afraid either.

Mugdha Pradhan
Functional Nutritionist

With a Master’s degree in nutrition and two decades’ experience in health and wellness, Mugdha has successfully healed many people at iThrive (Previously ThriveFNC) since 2017. Mugdha herself was struggling with finding solutions when her health took a nosedive. With modern principles of functional medicine and ancient wisdom about food, paired with spirituality, she beat several chronic illnesses.

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