Being Alive With iThrive

February 2, 2022

As the name suggests, this is a program that helps you feel ALIVE. But what exactly does being alive mean; Is it simply not dying? 

Being alive means living to your full potential. Living the healthiest and happiest life you could possibly imagine. That is what being alive really is, being physically, mentally, emotionally, physiologically and spiritually healthy. And this is exactly what iThrive helps you obtain in its program ‘ALIVE’. It helps you be alive and not settle for anything less than being at the pinnacle of your health.

What is iThrive ALIVE?

iThrive ALIVE is a program designed by India’s leading Functional Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan and her band of healers. It is a research-backed 12 week gamified program whose end goal is to help you achieve a lifetime of optimum health. In these 12 weeks, you will work on helping your body improve its functioning by restoring it to its ideal state through the help of Functional Nutrition and Root Cause Analysis approach. 

Optimum health denotes achieving the best level or state of emotional, spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual health. It means having the tools to live a sustainably healthy life or in simple terms, it means having the tools to get your body back in a state of optimum health whenever it falters.

The ALIVE program helps people reverse their chronic lifestyle diseases, get rid of medications, prevent the onset of genetic and age related disorders, become mentally healthy and more. All in all iThrive ALIVE helps you reach your health goals, however impossible it may feel.

Coming back to the topic, What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is a branch of holistic healing that uses the principle that almost all health problems and diseases have an underlying reason for their origin. It does not diagnose and treat depending on the symptoms or the name of the disease alone, as conventional medicine does, but rather digs deep into a person’s blood work (Root Cause Analysis).

Just like no two individuals have the same fingerprint, no two individuals have the same genetic, physiological, physical and mental makeup. And the reason why Functional nutrition takes a more personalised approach when it comes to healing. After all, individuals also have differing lifestyles, be it their food habits, clothes they wear, sleep cycle, fitness routine and more, which contribute to their health.  

Also, food and fitness are not the only contributors to good health. One can achieve optimum health when they work on all parts contributing to the working of the body like mental health, safe environment, nutritional requirements, sleep cycle, etc. The reason being the human body is an interconnected web of structure where each cell has to work optimally for the whole body to function at its best. A slight irregularity in one single cell or organ can lead to major health disorders. 

If you provide your body with the ideal environment it has the intelligence to restore itself, heal your disorders and even reverse chronic diseases.

This is all done with the help of Root Cause Analysis.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is similar to a doctor diagnosing a person by analysing their blood report. To get rid of health problems one must first dig deep to find the reason behind the origination of the problem i.e. the root cause. And yes, similar to conventional methods of diagnosing the root cause is diagnosed by analysing the blood reports with a huge distinction, it uses optimal ranges. 

When a blood report is given a doctor makes his/her diagnosis using the referral ranges given in the report whereas a Functional Nutritionist will make a diagnosis based on optimal ranges. The difference between the two ranges is that the referral ranges shown are based on tests taken a long Long time ago and were conducted on a large and random population (95% of the population) without taking into account crucial health factors such as age, gender and health status, let alone the effects of diet, lifestyle and medication. On the other hand, Optimal ranges are taken by conducting tests on a group of people who are optimally healthy and are updated every few years.

Another difference between the two ranges is that Reference ranges are also way too wide while optimal ranges are narrower and more precise. For eg, Your blood reports might show parameters that are in range but if they are on the extreme sides of the range, optimal ranges report it as an anomaly. 

Why Choose iThrive ALIVE?

With numerous FAD diets and fancy programs out there, why should one choose a 12 week program when those other diets promise transformation in just a month?

Well, the choice is yours. Are you just looking for ways to lose weight by counting calories or wish to redefine your life by getting rid of your problems from the root? Because this takes time. One cannot drink a gallon of water at a time and expect the body to go all day long on it. It is more advisable to take little sips every once in a while. 

Mugdha always says, “Healing takes time, it can take weeks or months with plenty of hard work- know in your heart that the wait will be worth it.”

Similarly, when it comes to healing a body it takes steps to accomplish it. You first start by making yourself accustomed to healthy habits, which again takes time. This will in turn help your body get rid of all the toxins, negativities and other anomalies present in it. Now, the body is primed to take in different advantageous elements which will help it start restoring its function to its original and optimal state.

How Does iThrive ALIVE Work?

The main motto of this program is to make and keep a person healthy without putting physical or mental pressure.

The one way to ensure this is to inculcate healthy habits in one’s routine without changing it completely. For eg, if every meal you eat is followed by dessert we will recommend alternative ingredients you can use to make the said dessert or choose the right kind of dessert to eat. 

Another facet of this program is that it works on every aspect of a person’s life and does not focus only on one or two parts of it. Just focusing on a person’s diet and fitness does not make them healthy. To be healthy one’s entire being should be in sync. In other words, a person is healthy if they are mentally healthy, have a great nutrition plan, inculcate movement in their routine, live in a safe environment and more. So, this program is personalised and customised for every individual as per their eating habits, lifestyle choices, fitness routine and more. 

iThrive ALIVE is not a diet, it's a way of life

Additionally, the newest and major point this program focuses on is making being healthy fun. Anything that children learn for life is usually through a state of play. As adults, many forget how to do this. In all the adulting done people forget how to be playful, how to be joyful with everything, and it’s the same when it comes to improving health. It is done with such a high level of seriousness that everyone is just afraid. There's so much resistance and it feels boring. 

So iThrive ALIVE taking this into account has taken the boring out and brought the fun in. It not only has fun games and challenges but also has satisfying reward systems in place. This means each step you take is with determination and excitement of what comes next. 

The goal of the program is that you feel so alive by the end of the 12 weeks that you're full of energy and are vibrating at a very high level. And all that you experience is the meaning of what it means to be a human brimming with life. 

Sharvi Dave
Research Associate

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