Sticking To Healthy Eating Habits

April 22, 2022

We all want to lead a sustainably healthy life. One way to ensure that is to stick to routines and habits. It is fundamental to retaining the command of our minds and emotions. Be it a positive attitude or making incremental changes, living a balanced lifestyle is indisputable. 

  • Know thy body: Learning about your body is a crucial part of a balanced life. Understanding the body's needs aids in commencing a healthy journey and setting realistic expectations to achieve the desired goal. Blood testing is a positive way to determine if a person has developed any kind of disease or other health-related conditions. It acts as a touchstone for your health that helps you keep track of how your body changes with age and its unique needs. We advise you to get your blood tested after every 6 months. Keeping a tab on your body status and developing a healthier plan can be a comforting action to enable one with certain tools to prevent and counteract the disease from aggravation.  
  • Eating from home as much as possible: Eating homely food means the food you consume is not only free from harmful components or preservatives but is also optimum for nutrition and taste, along with the benefits of longevity.  
  • Experiment with food-Creativity & Variation: Sticking to a healthy diet is a difficult task, especially when the meals are repeated more often. This can cause boredom and burnout. To maintain healthy dietary habits, trying new things such as alterations in food items and trying hands-on seasonal fruits and vegetables can help you experience more fun and add flavour to the normal routine diet. 
  • Join a community: Being a part of a community who have similar aims and intents might offer you the motivation you need to stick to healthy habits. Community is beneficial in celebrating one's accomplishments and providing support in the events of adversity. The health path is more fruitful when you have the right social support.
  • Coaching: Participating in food sharing at mealtimes plays an important role in evolving healthy lifelong relationships with food and it also promotes heart communication and interaction. Appreciation leads to more action because of dopamine release. This can be a good incentive to cook by yourself and take ownership of what goes in your body. Likewise, attaining food knowledge enables you to follow good dietary habits along with making the right choices on what to eat and where to source it from, which can greatly impact one's life. 
  • Reading food labels: Making wise choices about the food we eat is possible once we learn how to read the food labels. Reading food labels helps us recognize the nutrient content claims on products. The information mentioned is highly essential in segregating the additions and restrictions in your diet. It eases the identification of the presence of inflammatory foods like sugar, salt, soy, etc., and also in learning the number of calories per serving. 
  • Find organic vendors near you: Stick to purchasing only from organic vendors. Purchasing organic food can have a great impact on your health as well as on the environment. Organic farming allows you to consume foods that are low in pesticides, free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are often fresh compared to conventionally grown food. 

Make it a practice and be intentional about what you are putting into your body. Remember not to fall for deceptive claims. The more you keep updating your knowledge about nutrition, the more you can see through false food labels and uneducated inferences.

Pakhi Gupta
Functional Nutritionist

Pakhi holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She believes that there are several ways to love your body, but eating mindfully and listening to your body is the nicest way. Being an aspiring person, she wants to dedicate her life to people to help relieve their concerns whether it be physically or mentally. Her mantra to live a pleasant life is “Eat the best, leave the rest“

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