Sweet Danger

February 7, 2022

Introduction :

Sugar is the most popular and widely used sweetener. It is primarily made from sugarcane juice which is extracted, purified, filtered and crystallized into golden, raw sugar. It is further refined to produce the clear white sugar that we consume. This form of sugar is more harmful because of its highly acidic state. 

The only nutrient sugar has is simple carbohydrates. Sugar adds no other value to our nutrition rather only deteriorates it. It can cause inflammation and can lead to leaky gut syndrome (IBS, IBD), Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension and Liver dysfunction. It is also blamed for decaying teeth and cavities. Additionally, it is reported that excessive sugar intake can cause your brain to shrink thereby hindering mental capacity.

Besides, higher sugar consumption may even increase your cancer risk by promoting insulin-glucose dysregulation, internal stress, hormonal imbalances and excess obesity (1).

Sugar Side-Effects

Is Sugar addictive?

Nowadays, sugar has been refined to the state of a chemical-like substance. Indeed, when sugar cane is crushed and drained of all its liquid contents, boiled down to a syrup, shaken and then stripped of all its vitamins, minerals and molasses, all we are left with is pure white crystals. 

This extraction and refinement process is similar to that of other addictive white crystals, that is, cocaine from the coca leaf, and opium from the poppy seed/pod. Thus, it is the refinement of sugar that significantly adds to its addictive properties (2). Over-consumption of sugar also creates chaos in the brain. 

Sugar Consumption

How Does One Get Addicted To Sugar?

When you eat sugar, your brain releases dopamine and you start feeling good. The problem? Dopamine wears off quickly and you start looking for your next hit, giving into it and repeating this continuous cycle causes brain damage. This brings on the onset of depression, in turn making you crave more dopamine, so you eat more sugary foods, get high temporarily and this vicious cycle continues. And the addiction worsens. This is how it leads to a perpetual cycle of extreme cravings (3). 

In Conclusion 

Sugar only harms your body and offers no value other than being an addictive agent. You must completely eliminate this harmful food product from your diet. You can replace sugar with :

  • Honey
  • Dates/ Dates powder
  • Organic Maple syrup




Riya Sugandhi
Functional nutritionist- R & D division

Riya has a Master's in Nutrition and dietetics with a specialization in Public health nutrition. She believes food is a way to one's heart and with the right nutrition, it is the key to mind. With being a Functional nutritionist she also is working in our R&D team to find, re-work and provide knowledge out to the world. "Unlearn to learn the right nutrition" is an expression she works by.

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